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First Encounter by EverythingMagic First Encounter by EverythingMagic
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This is a future scene on EM when Daaha and Shinken meet for the first time. Shinken is an older Lunari who has a bit of an obsession with Daaha.

- " I'm taken..." Daaha stated coldly as he stepped out of the larger man's arms. Shinken let the blonde step away without protest, that humorless smile still on his pale lips. The young lunari backed away from the cold man slowly, his golden gaze glaring dangerously into the other's. If anything the other seemed even more amused by the small boy. With a soft chuckle he turned his preditory gaze to the ground. Daaha turned and began walking back towards the school, not wanting to spend anymore near this dangerous person.

"...heh...I know of what you dream...Daaha Erei...You too yern for power...and blood. " Came the silken baritone of the dark man who stood within the shadows of the forest. Daaha froze mid step as his heart leapt into his throat, his eyes widening.

" You know nothing of what I dream, Kuroshii. I am not a monster like you..." Daaha replied after a moment. He continued on his way, the laughter of Shinken Kuroshii echoing behind him. The young man cringed inwardly and forced his expression back into the blank stare that he normally held. Deep inside, he knew that the older Lunari was correct...-

Daaha and Shinken are mine so no stealing ^^
Shintei-chan Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks good!
I like it!
Keep it up! Drop by sometimes!
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January 9, 2006
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