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The Story of a Golden Child
Here is the story of a boy with hair of gold.
Skin of porecelin silk,
and eyes of golden fire.
Wanted by many is he,
the prodigal child.
In his radiance the sun wains,
and the moon triumphs.
Within the child of gold,
a chilling darkness lies.
A terrible secret that threatens life,
and revels in blood.
This child is hated by his kin,
sent far away.
Let him live,
Let him live.
Eight have fallen,
Eight new scars.
Each a name,
Each a story,
but now all ended.
The terrible and beautiful child became cold.
Tears that demanded to fall,
to shed the horrible pain within,
And the child dies within.
And so his tale begins.
The First
I cannot say I knew Her well, for that would be quite a lie. In fact I have never even seen Her face. They tell me She was beautiful in all aspects of life. Pure, I've heard Her often called. I  believe it too. She died before I even entered this world, unaware of Her fate. Many times I have asked to see a picture of Her, only to be
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