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This journal is no longer "Brush/Texture Rules" please see the
RULES FOR USING MY STOCK (<-- click that text) for a complete list of rules.

1Q. What kind of details should I give you when emailing you about using your stock outside of Deviant Art?

1A. Make sure to mention what you'll be using my stock in (personal website, magazine, advertisement, logo). If it's applicable, tell me how big the printed/online product may be. How long will you be using my image? Is this work for a company or personal work? The more details you provide, the faster I can get back to you!

2Q. Why do I have to give you credit for XXXXX piece of stock? I could have easily taken this picture myself, plus (the location of he picture) is in a public space!

2A. The easy answer? Because you didn't take the picture. I take time out of my day to take these pictures. Legally, I own the rights to my pictures and you must agree to my terms before you use them. If you're not happy with that, then go out and take the picture yourself. However, if you wish to use my pictures, you must abide by my rules.

3Q. If I use your image(s) as part of some fan art on a forum or as part as a youtube (or other video site) video, do I need to ask your permission first?

3A. No. As long as this work is not being used commercially or for any monetary gain.

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