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Blood Brushes

-Photoshop Brushes-
-check out my gallery for more brushes/stocks!-
-Super HD!

I used my own real blood to make these.
I had a bloody nose, blew the blood on paper, then scanned it and edited it. That's why there are so few - however you can't get much more realistic than this.

=HunterDest is my MAIN account.
Therefore I inserted that as the credit, as opposed to this account.

You must agree to the rules before you have permission to use my stock, to view the rules, please click the link below:


Note: The font used is my own. If anyone would like me to, I'll upload it to DA as well.

[UPDATE: October 5th 2008]
Cleaned up brushes a little bit!
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used brushes here, thank you so much!!
Eat Your Heart Out by CLE-ArT on deviantART
Blood splatter perfection! :lol
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That's... kind of strange... but really awesome at the same time.
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Thank you very much for the brushes. Great work!
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Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it. And thank you for the favorite :D
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Cleaner and perfect! :D
I'll see in what I could use them :)
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Thanks, I worked for hours cleaning these things up. One of them was REALLY bad before I cleaned it, with most of them there is definitely a visible difference. =]
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All that work was worth it :)
coooooooooooooooooool collections of brushes.
can any one tell me how to make Brushes in photoshop.
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It's rather easy actually, get what you want to turn into a brush, select it, then go to "Edit" "Define Brush Preset..."
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