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Hi! My name is Lucille. I just recently made a page on Facebook called Raw Fractal Creators. It's a place where I hope raw fractal creators can get together and share their work, webpages, etc. You can post your fractals on there once you join the group. Here's a link to the group:…

Please please please it would mean everything to me if you would request to join! (I'll accept you) It's a very small group but hopefully it will grow larger with this post ^_^ Also, invite your friends that create raw fractal art to join the group as well!! Thanks so much!!

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:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: CURRENT CONTEST: Fall contest everythingfractal.deviantart.c… Sept 15 - Oct 15th. :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletgreen: This group focuses on anything and everything that is made in the form of fractal. Anyone of any level of understanding of a program can be in this group.

:bulletred: If there isn't a folder that your art falls into, tell me and i'll be happy to make one.
:bulletyellow: If you send to the featured can you please put the name of the program in the description box, it makes it much easier for me to sort through
:bulletyellow: Try to send your best art please.
:bulletblue: Our group needs points to be donated. If anyone can donate, it would be greatly appreciated :D all goes to this group for contests and everything else.


1st place winner:


He started making Fractals in 2009
He uses only Apophysis versions 2.08, 2.083d hack, 2.09 and now 7x15.
Sometimes he uses Adobe Photoshop for further editing his Fractals, but the majority of them are just Raw Fractals.
Here is one of his Favorite pics using Apophysis with photoshop edit:
And here is another of his Favorite Raw Fractals (using only Apophysis 2.083d):…

My favorite deviation he made has to be "Etheric Dimension"

"I also consider myself a psychedelic / surreal artist. And enjoy making a lot of pictures using just photoshop. I make a lot of mandala / kaleidoscopic designs. I also do some Traditional Art - painting, drawing, chalk and pastel work, sculpting... But i absolutely love making Fractals more than anything i think. I have always had an interest in them for years but once i really started to learn about Fractals and their nature... and how all Nature or even Universal/Dimensional Existence.. from the giant(macro) galaxies down to the molecular (micro) atoms etc... all have a Fractal structure to them in one way or another. That really changed my perspective of our world! and i have been addicted to Fractals ever since!"

2nd place winner:


He's been "fractaling" for about a year and a half now
Preferred program of choice is fr0st, but occasionally he uses apophysis, mandelbulb, and Incendia
Favorite style is to use saturated colors and fairly simple designs. some of his favorite pieces include:
Swirl in Blue… and Subterranean Arcanum… .

My favorite deviation that he made has to be Opposing Elements


Important information

Apophysis tutorials:

Splits elliptic - SaTaNiA…
33 apophysis tutorials part 2 - Various Artists…
Apophysis Blooms Tutorial - lindelokse


Apophysis 7x v15…

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The focus of EverythingFractal is used to share fractal art, advice, different programs, and tutorials. Users of every level are welcome.
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