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All you can eat buffet for the Eyepatch Ghoul.

Gallery Folders

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) - Tokyo Ghoul:RE by Snowblind-Cosplay
Touka X Kaneki - Dark Embrace by Hisui-Facist
What Am I? by TalesOfAnUke
Dream by TheKucing
Water colors by DiceErickson

Mature Content

I'm A Ghoul,I'm A Ghoul, And It'll Eat Me Alive by DiceErickson
warm up thing by eggswithbenefits
Shut up [ SPEEDPAINT ] by eggswithbenefits
Cosplay, Crafts
Ken Kaneki - One Eyed King Polymer Clay Figure by BL-ea-CH
Tokyo Ghoul by TalesOfAnUke
Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) - Book by Snowblind-Cosplay
Green Eyed Ghoul by TalesOfAnUke
Pairings or group
kaneki and touka by eggswithbenefits
Metempsychosis  by Ap3x-Phantom
Missed You by Secretie
Slow Life by Secretie
Kingdom Hearts - Tokyo Ghoul World by Vitor-Aizen
Oblivion Re .- cover 1 by Haestorm
Crossover Silver by mina-hachi
Izken2 by Eisschweif
Sasaki Haise
Makeshift Mask by Ap3x-Phantom
Haise by SuperG0blin
Kaneki Reaper by Aoi-Kawasuo
Sasaki by VML1212
Comics Doujin
doujin preview 378 by michelous
MMD ''WIRES'' VIDEO by TheKillerNightmare
doujin preview 326 by michelous
AttackonGhoul ch02 993-7 p1 by Lanthiro
Kaneki and Touka's Daughter by myredplanet
Spectrum of colors by Mischievous-Hyena
Reflections by Mischievous-Hyena
Kaneki Ken Banner by Apostle-of-Dawn
CHANGE Contest May 2015
Tokyo Ghoul: Self-Freedom by LainyLu
Kaneki Ken by Scoodaloo-Bunny
Identity Crisis by Cophii
Winter Holidays Contest Nov 2015
New year at the shrine by DaiyokaiDA



We only Affiliate with Tokyo Ghoul and its character fangroups, as well as anime realted groups :heart:

Wow! I can't believe our beloved series has finally come to an end. I am so so happy with the ending and the hope and reconciliation of two groups of vastly different beings, in love and understanding. I am grateful for everyone's support of this little group and how much amazing fanart has been created over the years. Feel free to use this space to discuss or vent about the ending of the series!! Be aware that the comments section probably has a lot of major spoilers. ;)

Happy reading everyone! And special thanks to Ishida Sui for making such a wonderful story come to life.
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