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Welcome Sign [commission] by Blitzkatze

Welcome to Everypony-Welcome where you can find all art made of ponies. From Cannons to OCs, from handmade to drawn, you can find everything you wish from the community of ponies. However, there are a few rules we hope you follow while you visit or stay.

:bulletgreen: We would appreciate it if you would post any art to the right folders to save the hassle of the Admin cleaning the gallery. If you are not sure where your art belongs, please submit it to the Unsure folder and an admin will take care of it. If there is a folder that is not in the gallery and needs to added, please just comment. Also if there is a full folder, we would appreciate it if you told us.

:bulletgreen: We ask you to not submit stolen art or copied art. Also give credit where credit is due. Art made from bases and makers is allowed but still credit when needed.

Now if you follow these rules everyone will be happy here in this sweet community. :heart:
Pastel Hue - Everypony- Welcome Mascot by ItsTaylor-Made

Gallery Folders

Otto Von Hoovesmarck (Commission ) by VittorioNobile
Hard Like a Diamond by Underpable
Dragon's Ember Threat by AssasinMonkey
Unsure NOT Lazy
Group Mascot - Pastel Hue
Group Icon 1 [commission] by Blitzkatze
Group Icon 2 [commission] by Blitzkatze
Welcome Sign [commission] by Blitzkatze
PastelPastel (I DO NOT OWN THE OC) by PinkfrostingYT
[AVAILABLE] Marigold Pony Adoptable by merpity
-:Colab:- Pastel Pony Adopts (5/6 open) by DG-NWAdopts
Cheap Mini Pones I [OPEN] by LycorisCafe
Adoptables Closed
Closed by DG-NWAdopts
Pony Adoption CLOSED by Raiess
Adoptable Pony Auction - CLOSED by cihiiro
Pony Auction *CLOSED* by Raiess
2+ Cannon Characters
Vinyl/Tavi by Konik006
Gotcha! by Lattynskit
What about discord - Equestria Girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Background Canon Characters
The Little Farmers War by TheRandomJoyrider
Starlight Coming Soon . . . by BuizelCream
.:November Challenge:. 3 - Spitfire by Mane-Shaker
Marble by ChanceyB
Mane Six
Loving Twilight by WetFox
Rainbow Dash Crossover StarWars color by Brony-F
Drift by PedroHander
You are going to love meeeee! by Kehrminator
You Think This Is A JOKE? by MissiTofu
Delphinus Gods by mourning-dreams
Celestia and Luna by ChanceyB
Goodbye, sister... by FBurnShettere
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Sweetie Belle sitting down, looking at you! by Flutterflyraptor
MiniPoni #14 Sweetie Belle - Midnight Snack by ZSparkonequus
Halloween night by HanzeL2
Adult Scoots by Dazion1999
The Dazzlings
Aria at souncheck coloured by ArtPonyMDP
The Apple Family
My Little Pony FIM Duality: Big Macintosh by OptimumBuster
Gummy cuddle birdy feet by Porygon2z
Original Characters
The Smiling Pone by HuskyLeafStudios
Original Characters and MLP Canon
Commission - Darvise x Applejack Kiss by Gutovi
Fan Made Items

Mature Content

Commission-OC Figure, Mary Jane by LostInTheTrees
Crystal Gardens - Art Trade by Dawn22Eagle
Commissions, Requests, Trades
Commission-OC Vectors, Sleater Whinny by LostInTheTrees
Reference Sheets
Grow Up Ref 17 - Vector by Kushell
Cute Pony base by zeepaarden
COM - A Rocky Treat (COMIC) by LadyAniDraws
Pinkie Pie (Genesis 3 Remake) and Backstory by Axel-Doi
Luck Pony - Nr 1 (V3) by Kushell
Cutie Marks
Designed Cutemark - Nr 6 (PC) by Kushell
Scraps and Sketches
Spira (Honing Equestria) by TheOnlyWolf100
Black and White Diamonds by PedroHander
Cross Over
'Dracula-Woon' by darkwoon
Secret Santa 2014
Secret Santa for @secretly.a.witch by waraiigoe
Post Here During Folder Cleanout
Naked Spike by Porygon2z
Long live the King by VittorioNobile


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Hello Everypony and every-creature!

I would like to more officially announce I am looking for mods. There are currently 3 positions available. I am looking for active members that know the community well, have great ideas they wish to integrate, and the ability to sort through deviations submitted to the group.

If you think you have what it takes, send the founder MedleyArts a note to apply and discuss further. We look forward to hearing from each one of you that are interested!

Hello Everypony and every-creature!

I welcome you with open hooves, claws, or what have you to Everypony-Welcome! It has been ages since this group has been up and running to it's previous glory. With this new year, there will be new features that will be brought in to improve the group and community.

Firstly, I would like to say I am looking for mods to help with the group! If you think you have what it takes, please send a note to MedleyArts to apply. There are 3 positions open currently so please do not be shy contacting us for the role.

Secondly, these are the things that will be brought in by the new year.

-Join requests have been fixed! Everypony and every-creature may join automatically.

-New folders will be added to accomadate for the massive content created in the last few years.

-Folders will be cleaned out and beautified for easier access. Many will be condensed to one or two instead of the multiple for each character.

-Mature content will no longer be allowed within the group. I wish to make this a more family friendly environment for everyone.

If you have any suggestions that you wish to see implemented here within the group, please feel free to comment and let us know. We are all ears!

More Journal Entries


Welcome! Admins are a great source for questions and concerns. Always note an admin, firstly the founder, with any questions and concerns and it will be taken care of! They are always nice and fair.


Group Info

Everypony is welcome here, whether they are adoptables, fan art, or OC's, everypony is allowed to join and submit their work. You do not even have to be an artist to join, just come in and enjoy the works.
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Aug 19, 2014


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All our pony friends~


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That means the Founder is not A C T I V E
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One of your members,PinkiePartyAdopts,uses stolen adoptables.I recommend you block her until she takes the pictures down that she stole and also so people don't complain.I don't mean to be rude in any way.Thanks for reading this.I wish people wouldn't steal :(
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