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Welcome Sign [commission] by Blitzkatze

Welcome to Everypony-Welcome where you can find all art made of ponies. From Cannons to OCs, from handmade to drawn, you can find everything you wish from the community of ponies. However, there are a few rules we hope you follow while you visit or stay.

:bulletgreen: We would appreciate it if you would post any art to the right folders to save the hassle of the Admin cleaning the gallery. If you are not sure where your art belongs, please submit it to the Unsure folder and an admin will take care of it. If there is a folder that is not in the gallery and needs to added, please just comment. Also if there is a full folder, we would appreciate it if you told us.

:bulletgreen: We ask you to not submit stolen art or copied art. Also give credit where credit is due. Art made from bases and makers is allowed but still credit when needed.

Now if you follow these rules everyone will be happy here in this sweet community. :heart:
Pastel Hue - Everypony- Welcome Mascot by ItsTaylor-Made

Gallery Folders

Bird Friends by Tsitra360
The Real Strange Cipactli by AssasinMonkey
Sure Those adventures exist ..... by Jowybean
Fluttery Day by Bugplayer
Unsure NOT Lazy
Luna's Day Off by OinkTweetStudios
Doodle Ponies 1 by OinkTweetStudios
The Unremembered of a Bygone Age by AssasinMonkey
Fireworks with Apogee by OinkTweetStudios
Group Mascot - Pastel Hue
Group Icon 1 [commission] by Blitzkatze
Group Icon 2 [commission] by Blitzkatze
Welcome Sign [commission] by Blitzkatze
PastelPastel (I DO NOT OWN THE OC) by PinkfrostingYT
(OPEN) OFFER TO ADOPT Tamarian Collection 1: Kids! by TamaraOfTammyland
(Closed) Starglitter by digimonlover101
closed by BlueKazenate
CLOSED by BlueKazenate
Adoptables Closed
(Closed) Bees Wax by digimonlover101
ADOPTABLE: Bagery #2 [CLOSED] by LeSardine
ADOPTABLE: Bagery #4 [CLOSED] by LeSardine
2+ Cannon Characters
Grand Galloping Discord by Sinaherib
Aunt Lofty and Holiday by digimonlover101
Apple Bloomers Soccer Battle! by luminaura
Bonds by Tsitra360
Background Canon Characters
Lis by PedroHander
Somnambula by EdoNovaIllustrator
Twisted Confectionaries by AssasinMonkey
Limestone Pie - Smile. by sumin6301
Mane Six
Tight Situation by XJKenny
Mud bath by Jotun22

Mature Content

Magic Interruption by XJKenny
On Pins and Needles by Pony-Berserker
Mad Luna by Laszl
Lovely Princess of Love by Laszl
Wasted Effort by Laszl
Sport Swimsuit Luna by MykeGreywolf
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Tutor Session by ShutterflyEQD
Princess of sass by thediscorded
Smol Horse Beans by MsColorsplash
Immortal Friendship by RYURED
The Dazzlings
Adagio Dazzle by RacoonKun
The Apple Family
Applejack's 30-Day Challenge: Day 29 by Matchstickman87
Derpy and Dinky
your mail is here! by Nana-Yuka
Twilight and Spike
A Proud Mare by dSana
Octavia and Vinyl Scratch
Octavia x Vinyl Scratch (Pride Month) by KimmyArtMLP
Rarity x Spike
That Night by Shimazun
Fluttershy x Discord
You Win Celestia (deleted scene) by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Lyra x Bon Bon
Firefly Date - Lyra and Bon Bon Day - 2018 by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen
Derpy x Doctor Whooves
Doctor and Derpy - You're Alive! by BuizelCream
Big Mac x Fluttershy
Always with you by Cianna200
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight. by sumin6301
Apple Jack
Valor of Honesty by Pyrus-Leonidas
MLP FIM - Sad Fluttershy Sitting On A Hill by Joakaha
Pinkie Pie
Jackhammer Pinkie by mysticalpha
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Wanted Poster by Foxgar
Rarity - black sweater. by sumin6301
Spike with Wings by AleximusPrime
Heaven's Light (Young Discord) by OinkTweetStudios
Derpy - Hitch hiking. by sumin6301
The teacher of Music Professor Octavia Melody by Foxgar
Vinyl Scratch
Shop teacher Vinyl Scatch by Foxgar
Trixie Hot by RYURED
King Sombre
Young and handsome by Wilvarin-Liadon
Tree Hugger
.:Tree Friend:. by FJ-C
Sunset Shimmer
Sunset by CloudDG
Maud Pie
Miracleverse Maud Pie by StarryOak
Shutter Bug by Laszl
Big Mac
Another Day on a Farm by LuneBat
Starlight Glimmer
Counselor Starlight by Foxgar
Doctor Whooves
Doctor Whooves by Cicklefron
Lyra Strings
Lyra's Special Costume - Harp of Good Fortune by RJ-Streak
Moon Dancer
Moondancer by Laszl
PhB Year of the Dog 2018 by MrChezco1995

Mature Content

Do You Like Magic? by Laszl
Original Characters
Witch in the night by Spookyle
Original Characters and MLP Canon
Commission: Bicycle Built for Two by Lucy-tan
Fan Fiction

Mature Content

Fan Made Items
DeviantSponge45 V7 by kiashone
Marble Maid by Laszl
Hasbro Items
Citrusmoonflower's Fluttershy poster! by CitrusMoonFlower
Reference Sheets
Commission: Sky Stream REF sheet by H-StallionWolf
Legends by RoseimireMP3
Pony Plot Base by Gutovi
Why Me!? - 146 by Gutovi
Nightmare Squad by Maxojir
Maya Doi: Equestrian and Anthro Animated by Axel-Doi
Cutie Marks
The Editor - 3D Cutie Mark by WhovianBron3
Scootaloo hair by AllyCatBlu
Kushells Venusaur Dress - All Designe Versions by Kushell
Scraps and Sketches
Zap, Zap by umneem
I'm Neutral to Flurry Heart by KittyJewelpet78
ITS RAW YOU KNOB-HEAD! | WIP - 11/29 by HuskyLeafStudios
Cross Over
Arkham Asylum Lunatics by Deidrax
Gender Bend
Shakie by Mane-Shaker
Species Bend
Ponified Vignette Valencia by digimonlover101
Secret Santa 2014
Secret Santa for @secretly.a.witch by waraiigoe
Post Here During Folder Cleanout
OPEN - PonyBean YCH by Macchiiato


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I apologize to every-pony that has been hanging around during the construction. I am the only admin of the group and had to sort through thousands of images to fix the gallery for a better less cluttered experience. I have been away on hiatus for personal reasons, but I am back and looking for trustworthy admins to help me out since this group has grown far beyond my expectations. Also, all folders are up and running again, though will be voted on by me to avoid this kind of shut down again. I will be going through the 209 pages of art work dropped in the construction folder, but by all means, enjoy the group once again.~

Your's truly,

Medley Arts
Hello Everypony! Its a new day and I want to hear YOUR ideas for the group! I love how this community has grown so large in the last month and all the art that is showing up in the gallery. I love having all of you here so I think it is time to let everypony have their say in the group. So under this journal comment what YOU want to see here in this amazing group!

Thank you!
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Welcome! Admins are a great source for questions and concerns. Always note an admin, firstly the founder, with any questions and concerns and it will be taken care of! They are always nice and fair.


Group Info

Everypony is welcome here, whether they are adoptables, fan art, or OC's, everypony is allowed to join and submit their work. You do not even have to be an artist to join, just come in and enjoy the works.
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 19, 2014


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All our pony friends~


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