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Deviation Actions

I would like to clear all of the members about the group rules so please read.

(1) Works containing nudity will not be accepted.
(2) Do not submit in the 'featured' folder. The founder (AnoushayKhan) will feature the works monthly herself.
(3) Submit the works in the correct folders or they will be declined.
(4) If you're confused about something then send a note personally to the group, the founder or the co-founders. Don't feel shy about anything. The admins are here to help.
(5) Submission limit is 3 deviations a week.
(6) We accept feature requests on the front page for points.
(7) All types of works (except nudity) are acceptable.
(8) If you would like to help us then please donate points here: :iconeis--donations: for the group.
(9) DO NOT impersonate an admin.
(10) No spamming, and no trolling
(11)If you want to advertise your group/page/deviation/journal then note AnoushayKhan
(12)Do not steal artwork.
(13)You can share your opinions and ideas for the group
(14)Submit works in the correct folders.
(15)Please submit the other mature stuff (except nudity) in the mature content folder.
(16)Respect your fellow artists.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Your Amazing founder,
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Thoroughly noted. :la:
monkeyartis's avatar
okay I follow the rule
red-shepherds's avatar
Read and accepted!
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Hexacun's avatar
Hello, i m a new member, and a new Deviant ...  so i was checking the rules. 
What i don't understand is how not to submit my art in the "featured" folder (rule 2)...   If someone can help me i'll be glad ...
AnoushayKhan's avatar
it's because we feature works ourselves.  (we put the best works in the featured folder ourselves)
Hexacun's avatar
Don't wanna submit any pics in the wrong place ... 
piccolinna's avatar
 :iconjakewiggleplz: glad to be in!!!
gxfan537's avatar
All read. I don't steal artwork from other artists, I don't work with nudity, and If I make a mistake a submiting something with the wrong, please forgive me and i'll fix it.
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filled !! thanks !CURSE YOU! 
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Thankz for adding me . i got the rules :D
Adorabubble-bam's avatar
great this group seems to be really thought out and nice. im glad to be a part of it
AnoushayKhan's avatar
thanks! And we are glad to have you here!
JeremyArts's avatar
Hello Everyone , this is Jeremy here :)  I am so glad to be part of this group . I am still a fresh member of DA so please give me your guidance !!
AnoushayKhan's avatar
nice to meet you Jeremy!
JeremyArts's avatar
Nice to meet you too ! Guys please check out my fresh page and support me by being a watcher :)
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