it's that time!

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"what time?" you might ask.  and i will answer you like this, "time to unleash the poetry i have been hiding from the deviantart community since 2007"  i'm making up for lost time here people.  i'm going to be posting a lot of them and i hope that you, my deviant watchers, will check them out and favorite them and leave comments.  i know this will be a little bit bombarding and barbaric, but at times that is exactly how i am.  new people who may stumble onto my poems, please stay and read for a while, i'm breaking out of my cocoon and showering you all with butterflies of poems!  i hope that at least one person enjoys these submissions, one view on any of them would make me feel special.  gosh, i'm so easily pleased.  anyway, here they come!  to inifinite submissions of poems and beyond!

love always, EDPF
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i've just now found you, and i think that you're awesome. you're a fabulous writer, and you're cute, too. :P *goes to watch you*
keep rocking, girl! <3