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Duct Tape Dinosaur Mask

This mask is made of all recycled materials. Laundry detergent bottles for the teeth and the stiffeners for the frame. duct tape that was partially ruined and headed for the trashcan, and cardboard boxes for the main frame. Made it in a few hours one day for a poetry event that I was hosting. It came out pretty well considering the time I had to make it. Everyone loved it at the reading. I wear it as often as possible now because I love it so much. Also, the green tape is for extra strength which unfortunately my mask lacked after getting smashed. I liked it betetr without it, but once again, I can only use what I have available to me. Enjoy.

Shout out and thanks to Cypher7523 [link] whose dinosaur mask collage helped me to create my own.
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Thats awesome! and seeing a feraligatr look here for sure! Turned out great!
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haha i like that. Feral-i-gatr! thank you.