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Tribute: Ren and Stimpy

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When I was growing up, my TV experience subsisted primarily of reruns of old “Three Stooges” episodes. I think that may be why I turned out the way I did. Nevertheless, that brand of humor carried over into my interests in other shows, particularly “Ren and Stimpy”.

For those who aren’t in the know, Ren and Stimpy was an American cartoon in the 90’s about a psychotic Chihuahua and his roommate/friend, an obese, idiotic cat named Stimpy. Like the Stooges, the show’s main focus was sporatic at best, each episode is a different job, setting, and goal (usually food). Yet Ren and Stimpy is one of those shows where you love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. It was demented, insanely violent, cruel, and very, very funny.

It also deserves your respect.

You see, post-cartoon golden age (Looney Toons, Hannah Barberra) cartoons in the 70’s, 80’s and very early 90’s existed only to sell toys, and be tie-ins to existing products. Gone were the days of cartoonists making cartoons, and while some franchises are more well remembered (Turtles, anyone?) most were soulless cash-ins. Enter Ren and Stimpy.

Ren and Stimpy was a very brave, very risky middle finger to the industry, in that it was a new property. The show was cartoonist created, and took everything we had known about cartoons and turned it up to 11. The shows utter insanity is a testament to creator’s brass balls, and the laziness of network screening.

Sadly, (or mercifully if you were a parent) the show didn’t last more than a couple years, but the damage was done. Ren and Stimpy was such a huge hit, that it effectively ended the “Marquee Era” of cartoons, and opened the doors for cartoonist created shows. So if you loved shows like Spongebob, Adventure Time, Rocko’s Modern Life, and pretty much anything on Cartoon Network, thank Ren and Stimpy.

You rock, Ren and Stimpy. This image is but a humble tribute to your greatness, and the sheer lunacy that helped shape my 2nd grade mind. You will always be missed, and you will always be loved!

Clockwise from the top:

Powdered Toast Man
Accident-Prone Kitten
George Liquor, American!
Muddy Mudskipper
Stimpson J. Cat
Ren Hoek
Mr. Horse

All these characters are the property of Spumco, Nickelodeon, and Spike

Artwork Created by me
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Wow you know damn well I wished this fucking returned thanks to john K'S Shit but we just gotta pray that nick makes it a good reboot I really want it to come back man it could be so much like steven universe and funny stuff too.

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I was always pissed about how incredibly biased the creator of this show was against Rocko's Modern Life. That's like the best Nicktoon ever, with R&S at a close second. Very underappreciated and kind of underrated. :(
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I didn't watch Ren & Stimpy as much as other 1990s cartoons, but this tribute you drew is crazy awesome! :w00t:
Powdered Toast Man and Mr. Horse FTW!
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Thank you kindly! There were so many good 90's toons, some stand the test of time better than others, lol. best to just remember them, not rewatch :)
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I can't help but rewatch some series- they were always good to me, I suppose =P
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Where's Haggas McHaggas?
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
I have honestly been considering a part 2 to contain all the other characters I couldnt fit in the first. Of course his little dog would have to be there too!
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Ah YES! This was my Show! :iconallthethingsplz: LOG!!!! :iconepiclaplz:
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
fuck yes, glory of the 90's!
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nice I can't even watch the show anymore without the feeling of vomiting but I like the simplistic animation.
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EXCELLENT Tribute!!! I've always been a fan of that company! I met john K once- he drew me Candy. it was AWESOME.
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
dude that would have been awesome!
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awesome tribute
I never liked this show, but you made an awesome work on them :)
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I approve of this awesome piece of work.
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Loved the show, can't say the same for the guy who created it. John K. is a real diva.
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
I find this agreement most agreeable. I want to like John so much more, but I really credit Ralph Bakshi as the father of the cartoon. Without him and his crazy antics, we never would have had ren and stimpy. Indeed, when left to his own devices, John gave us Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party, the new ones on spike. not...yeah, not good in any way. best forget about them ^^
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My biggest problem with John, is that he believes the pinnacle of animation greatness are those crappy low-budget 1960s HB cartoons, and anything that has a hint of depth or realism should be poo-pooed.
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
Really? Had no clue, but it does sound like something he'd say. I know he idolizes that era of cartoons, but either way, sounds like a dick move on his part. The saddest part is how he can't even keep a schedule, which is kind of a big deal when people are paying you to do something. I wonder how much longer he would have been on TV if he could stick to deadlines?
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I bet Nick wouldn't have fired him if he had.
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This is SO fabulous!!!
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