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The Frolick

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Frolick. Once again proving that for every word in english, there are 5 other words that mean the same thing. God I love it.

So! This piece is for the lovely :iconhai-kulture: because why the hell not? She's a kickass friend and always needs to be seen ruining squishy surfaces. I got an idea a while back for this scene, basically imagine some Tom and Jerry sound effects and you'll be in my head.

I would love to have more time to add another layer of shading and highlights, but I'm pleased as pie with the way this turned out (at least for now. Next week I'm sure I'll think otherwise!) as I've been trying to work on line weight, perspective, and action poses, 3 things I typically am horrible at. Also more dynamic lighting. I tend to always have the same light source, but not this time! No sir!

And with this random piece, I slink back to work on our IoS game, Loreables. We're not ready to post more art for it yet, but I'm hoping by september! It'll be here sooner than we know it.

In the meantime, thanks again for being such a rockstar, Ivy! I hope you like it!
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Oh dear, that is funny.
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Good picture. She seems to enjoy running through it and doesn't care about her shoes.
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Heh, trolling...

Good shadows and light, yeah :)
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hahaha, the construction guy.
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I thought it cute how she throws her shoes away to run through the cement!
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I never thought I'd want to be wet cement, but she would be a lot of fun running over me!
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I love the complete scene, especially that poor mal with the stop sign!
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I am in total support of frolicking in all its many capacities.
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Those opposed to frolicking, scampering, capering or skipping in all its forms must be stopped!
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I miss your work so uch. I really do T_T It's so nice to see your drawings again, even if it's so rare
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she'll turn me into a newt!
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Welcome back again! :nod: Great job on the action and the angle with this pic! :clap: Keep up the great work! :)
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Thanks Rich :) like a DA ninja!
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Yay! Your back!
Nice pic here XD
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Well I tend to stop by from time to time. Thank you!
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