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The Bro Father

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This is a fanart of the Crow Father, a character from the recently released Darksiders 2. An inside joke between the team and I, we call him the Bro Father, after we watched the Bro Down episode of South Park.

This character is near and dear to me, as I had the honor of working on this game. Oh the endless hours, I can recite each of his lines by heart. So can you! Go out and buy the game, do it now!

I don't own this character, (or the image on his hat, thats the Baltimore Ravens) it is property of THQ and Vigil Games
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Bahahahaah! It's awesome! Badass Crowfather! :D (Big Grin) 
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well done:stare3d: Stare 3D 50x50 derp 
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LOLZ, I always wanted to draw this character a little OOC. Thinking that draw him in :iconjgquintel: style made it possible or maybe in my style... I don't know. It's a honor that you work in the realization of Darksiders 2.
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why thank you! and sorry for the lateness of my reply ^^;
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peace out my brother!
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Ah, game testing. Long hours, shit pay, but IT GETS YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR.

just before they slam it on you
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Yup, all too true. But ya gotta start somewhere.
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My point was, game testing is not the place to start. It's a quick route to being exploited for shit pay by a ruthless industry.

You want to do significant design work on games, brush up your technical chops and use Flash, Unity3D or whatever rinky-dink hobbyist runtime is popular these days to pump out your first game. It will probably suck, but it might be good enough to get you noticed.
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a good point, I've seen some amazing rinky dink games made in people's spare time. But the biggest problem is that the industry is jam-packed with competition, so having experience in the industry at any level is worth its weight in gold. One of those catch 22's of "no experience, no thanks". Granted, sometimes you get pideon-holed as QA if you start in QA, but the chance to work side-by-side with a developer is a fantastic opportunity. Sometimes you even get to mentor with a professional in the studio.

QA is a pretty bad job in most cases (depends on the quality of your coworkers) but all jobs in this industry are shasty in many ways, especially in job security, or the lack thereof. So unless you can program (I can't) to make a little game, QA is one of the precious few jump-in points. That and knowing somebody. But you get plenty of connections, even on this level, and now I get to work on independent projects with training programmers. good stuff

Sadly all levels of the industry are ruthless, often poor paying, and come saddled with cripplingly bad overtime (QA just has the worst reputation). But you do it because you love the craft, even if you start at the bottom
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He looks funky and an interesting character to boot. Love the baseball cap!
What a great time you must have had.
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That's just awesome! :rofl:
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Rather hip for an old geezer, I must say.
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Ah, something I aspire to! XD
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Mystical and hip, sounds like a modern movie! :lol: Nice job on the crazy design here, keep at it Ben! :)
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He also makes one snazzy narrator, lol! [link]

thanks Rich!
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hahahahaha XDXDXDXDXD
my god!
I can imagin him doing so rap music or something XDXDXDXD

awesome work!:D

as always love your line art and coloring style:D
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Oh man, he'd make one hell of a DJ :XD:
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AWESOME!!! but scary i would scream if i met him and he did that lol
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Oh man, dream come true!
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and you're a HOBBYIST?! you seem like proffesional comic maker...
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