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Sketch Dump: Wolves

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The hell is this? Well my imaginary interrogator, I'll tell you.

While working on 3 other pieces (and thus making little progress on any of them) I've decided to at last get the ball rolling on a card mat of my own!

You see, over the weekend I attended a pretty snazzy MTG card tournament with many hundreds of other people, and my buddy was there to represent the mat I made for him: Paired as a team, I had the pleasure of being there while people gleefully asked where they could get a mat like it (having a cool mat is basically major nerd street cred) to which he would reply "it's one of a kind, made by this guy!" /pointtome

ah, I felt like the prettiest maid at the fair! or something. anyways, work ethic crit for 10,000 and I had to get started on my own mat! Inspired by my famous (to my circle, and note that famous doesn't necesarilly mean "good", lol) deck, "Morbid Woods". Filled with dark cultists, demons, and scavenging horrors. But the backbone of the deck is its wolves, which I had no clue how to draw.

Many google search references later, here we are with some messy sketches. I'm trained as a classical artist, cartooning is new(ish) to me, so I'm always more comfortable making a new subject with a more serious tone, then making it more cartoon, hence the cascade of style here. Either way, I'm a bit more familiar with how they work now, so that will eliminate a lot of frustration later come final sketch time XD

While I've a long way to to, I want to make this mat right, as it will be my most ambitious project yet! Each of the denizens will be getting reference sketches like this, so they'll pop up at random in between other work.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the comments!

***All sketches here are made with the aid of reference material
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Puppyyyyyy~:heart: *huggles all the wolves* :'D
But seriously, those are some great sketches there! I love how you draw animals! :love:
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thats the funny part, every time you see a poodle with crazy hair and wearing human clothes? you just have to shake your head and say "this sad creature used to be a wolf" :XD:
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Wow - nice to see some of your drawing studies! These are great. I especially like the eyes :)
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thank you tatiana! although your eye work leaves mine in the dust XD
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Ah, nice sketches :)
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Those are really beautiful, especially the eyes! I never thought about how wolf eyes can vary too!
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thanks simone! although I think you've got animals with personality down a lot better than I do :)
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Love those eyes and the full frontal pic there!
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Impressive stuff, especially the eyes. :thumbsup:
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Ooooh these are beautiful! Very dynamic and realistic :D
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They're all so cute! But the one looking down is my favorite! Super neat sketches! :clap:
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Wow that's really cool :D

My favourite's the one in the bottom left corner :meow:
The eye study is really neat too C:
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Very ... feral! I like those powerful eyes.
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
amazing how you get so used to seeing something, but still have no idea how to draw it XD ah, our lazy minds
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Awesome OwO Ooooow it's an awesome animal~~

I really love how you've drawn the wolves! Nicely detailed :3
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
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You're can draw realism animals for good! It's good job!
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
why thank you! fur is always the hardest part to draw ^^;
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this is different, but wow!
you are good at drawing animals!:D
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why thank ye Lenka! This is oddly more what I'm used to, but never really post anything like it XD
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Simply fantastic, my friend!
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