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Sheeple Concepts

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One of the many projects I've become embroiled in, and the one closest to being finished! Some coworkers of mine asked me to make them some concepts for their new game, 'Sheeple'. I'm not at liberty to talk about it, but thats the nature of the buinsess.

Anyhowsers, aside from a hilarious name, they asked for people in sheep costumes who progressivly lose their "armor" as they recive more damage, eventually being reduced to boxers and their little sheep helmets. Pretty cool. I imagine a sloping, shuffling gait, mindlessly plodding along. Hopefully it will turn out like that, but only time will tell!

The first 2 images are Sheeple in full armor, minimum armor, and pose. the second 2 are T-Pose virtual studio poses for the modelers to work on. when in the modeling process, they will take the side image and put it over Z axis of the forward. this way it will look like an X if looked at from above, and can be modeled from there. Pretty neat stuff!

Hopefully the sheeple aren't TOO creepy! Maybe that's half the point, ha
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Can't tell if cute or creepy... :iconfryplz: So I'll just go with creepily cute! :XD:
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mostly creepy XD I havent seen them in action, but unless there's hilarious sound effects, it will just be creepy :D
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Mmh, ¿what could do tat kind of character? ¡Sheep powers! XD
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Really interesting design :)

And it sounds as if it may be a fun but special game ^^
Good luck on the project
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i hope they can finish it, i'd love to see where the run with the design. thanks muchly ms. sophia! and cute new avvie!
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I find this inherently REALLY creepy. Just saying.
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haha, same XD and I don't blame you whatsoever! The modelers love it, so imagine how terrifying its going to look when it's 3D...and moving!
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I'm having nightmares already.
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thank you so much ms. Jade! ^^
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I find the little sheep on his boxers adorable. X3
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haha, should have put little fences for them to jump over
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LOL. Love it. XD
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a womans sheep for counting before bed....and nice going..its amusing :D
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lol, those women better get a finer taste in men! XD
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heh, not bad :D

they're totally not creepy
more derpy.....
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I accredit that to the eyes. when they were forward facing, they looked like they wanted to feast on your soul!
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and here i thought sheep only feasted on grass and it's soul :P

oh, wait, it's gonna be a 3d model?
okay that MIGHT look creepy....
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