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Remember Shandlar Playmat

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Second to last one, then magic: the gathering playmats will be taking an extended break from this profile :)

Today we have a stained glass motif for a friend who picked the worst possible card to lead one of the worst possible decks. Yet despite this handicap, the deck is so popular in our group that it's basically a meme.

"Were you there the time Sir Shandlar defeated the dreaded tyrannosaur, Gishath?" they whisper. "No, but may flights of doves carry him to the heavens above, on beams of light and sacred boons" one could reply. Because Shandlar is nothing. Shandlar is everything.

Remember Shandlar!

*clockwise from top left* Northern Paladin, Southern Paladin, Sacred Boon, Swords to Plowshares, Sir Shandlar of Eberyn, Selfless Squire, Gishath Sun's Avatar
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Yeah, the possibilities of multiple endings are endless when it comes to those multi player fantasy games.
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Nice stained glass motif.  I used to actually do stained glass windows, in fact.  I can say that some parts of these designs are 100% doable for actual foil technique.  Though there are some little details that would be murder to manage without some super advanced cutting saws.  And even then ... yikes.  That shield design is the deadliest.  
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That's amazing! I've never seen anyone do it, aside from those crappy kits at like, hobby lobby or something.

Do you make them often, or just as a passing hobby? That sounds like so much fun!

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I used to do it all the time.  Haven't made a window in fifteen years, though.  I got into it because I wanted a tactile medium that produced something physical.  It was a fun skill to learn.  But it was a lot of work, and it messed my hands up pretty bad (glass splinters, harsh chemicals, etc.) so I wandered away from it.  
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More things I hadn't considered! I work in the yard for fun, lots of desert trees with thorns and rocks. Splinters and crushed digits abound!

But glass splinters? That gives me the willies like mad. No thanks! It's still cool that you have the experience tho