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Howdy everyone, been a long time! Long story short, haven't been posting, have still been working, hoping to fix that, but we'll see.

That being said, this here is a playmat idea for Magic: The Gathering my friends proposed, and I couldn't resist; Planeswalkers meets Muppets. Clockwise from top left: Karn, Silver Golem = Sweetums, Sarkan Vol = Beaker, Fozzie Bear = Garruk, Gideon Jura = Swedish Chef, Nicol Bolas = Kermit the Frog, Jace = Gonzo, Chandra = Miss Piggy, Ral Zarek = Dr. Bunsen

As with everything, now that it's done I see a lot I would have changed, but I'm still pleased with the journey its had and that it, more importantly, finally got done.

Hope to see you all around more, have a good one!
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Yeah, the Muppets in a English fantasy environment would make for some fine entertainment that's for sure. Not Monty Phython wacky, but delightful to watch none the less.
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I'd love to see a python-muppets mashup. C'mon BBC, you know what you have to do!
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Love Dr. Honeydew!!! 
Glad to see you back!
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I'm so glad to see a new drawing from you, Ben! It's been a long time :) I hope you are doing well.
And oh my you have improved so much :love: The coloring, the lightning, the composition... I really like how the characters reflect the different sources of light, like, for instance, if a light is red, there are red reflections on them. I've really missed your unique style, and I hope you keep uploading things!!! 

Oh and btw, merry christmas! :)
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Good sir Josemma, hello!! Thank you so much, and sorry for my super late reply! I need to get my lazy bones back on here to admire your lovely work as well, it has indeed, been too long!
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It makes me really happy to hear from you again, I feel like being reunited with a dear friend :)
It's been like 5 years or so... where has time gone omg. I barely draw anymore though as I'm super busy with university! And please keep drawing, this is a masterpiece you brought us here :D
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Happy to see some art from you again :)
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Denno!!! Hello!!!! Suuuuuuper sorry for my late reply, I need to be here more. But it's so nice to see you!
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That's cool! I love Muppet crossovers they are the best!
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This looks great! Been a long time indeed! Glad to see your work is still awesome as always, hope you've been doing well. 8)
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Thanks so much Brii! I've been a lazy arse and should be on here more. I've got a lot of catching up to do ^^;
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This is just georgeous! And I love the colors
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(It's Mangaka Online here if you still remember me, I changed my name haha)
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manga of course I remember you! :D and thank you!!! my apologies for the late reply, but I'm digging the new name
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hahahah X'D Been so long. How ya been?

Thanks! It's only temporarily, just wanted to try shit out!
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Still so amazing at art!! ;u; omg I love this! and good timing with the Muppet's return to TV ;D
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Many thanks!! I only wish the muppets show wasn't so...depressing. I like it, but its a little too real
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Omg! Not only do you return, but you return with an amazing piece! I must say that Miss Piggy is my fav here. That pose and the action it brings, isn't that just so suitable for her?
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:la: poor Piggy, so misunderstood. sometimes we all just want to be pissed off all the time :)
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You said it ;D Sometimes it would be good to be allowed to be pissed for a while (then you might get the anger out of your system after all ;D)
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What an amazing comeback after, what, 3? 4 years? Xx
I especially like your new coloring, so much more balanced compared to the older works I see in the "More from" column on the right :XD:
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