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This is a late, UNHOLY amounts of time late prize for a very special friend of mine, a woman who needs no introduction!

*sits down*

What? Oh, right, Ivy's her name! :iconhai-kulture:

Many moons ago Ivy won the "Too Pretty for Shoes" contest, and while I have another piece to (eventually) go along with it, this idea popped into my head and I ran with it. My sole (pun?) regret is that I couldn't come up with a snappy title for it. But I guess it fits the piece, because of the canvases...canvi...whatever, in the background. Because art! Normally I frown up modern art, but drip paintings always caught my eye. Ramble, ramble

Anyways, congrats Ivy, and thank you for your patience, friendship, and the wealth of inspiration you give to us all! Ivy's quite the wordsmith, so be sure to check out her work, as well as her winning entry:
Too Cool for Cement Shoes The Candyman impatiently heaved himself up from the chair with an asthmatic wheeze like a Sydney Greenstreet caricature (which he was to anyone who would have seen that wheeze - which you can't). He anxiously paced the warehouse floor at a slow lumber, as anxious a pace as a man his size could muster. The head of The Gumball Syndicate groped an ornate pocket watch from his vest pocket and set eyeball to time. 'Where were they?' he thought to himself and punctuated his question with a slow snake-like sigh, a beach ball leaking air from a hidden pin hole. He tapped his walking stick on the ground in an impatient staccato rhythm, the miniature g

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I love how this looks like it could be so fun! Jamie sure looks like she's about to have fun stomping on that canvas. Or wriggling her toes. Whatever the muse calls for. I love how she's caught in mid action and her expression is so sly.
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Must not... must... Oh, what the heck! HNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!
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Excellent Work! Love the coloring and the shadows :la:
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Simply beautiful. :nod: Great work on her relaxed pose, and I have to say you're really good at creases! The abstract works in the backdrop are a nice touch too. :thumbsup:
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She's incredibly sexy!
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Great work here!
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mmmm nice art.
Good job
Like your idea
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This is simply awesome|!!!!!! Ivy must be so excited ! Very well done!!! :thumbsup:
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many thanks, ms Jade! although I think you have Ivy Fanart down to a fine perfection :D
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Jade is the best! She is mistress of Dark Cutie Ivy's silliness :)

She just seems to have trouble drawing my clothes at times :) :hug:
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:iconohohoplz: well I'm not going to interfere with her method in any way! Unless of course it's to pester for more :D
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Haha don't worry - Jade's Ivy will be back soon! :)
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Oh wow, she's a looker alright! :lmao: A great pose and expression here combine with the fun and vivid colors of the abstract art shown in the background! :highfive: Well done on all accounts, Ben! :thumbsup:
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many thanks to you, Rich!
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:love: :love: :hug: :hug: :kiss: :hug: :hug: :love: :love:

Thank you so much Ben-friend!!!!! :hug: I am spectacular! And I wish my apartment was this stylish - instead of a mish mash of eclecticism and knick-knackery! :)

As a word bender without any artistic ability - perhaps I have had it all wrong - work with what you know and what you have - well I certainly know being barefoot *wiggles toes*

What a bright and beautiful gift on the end of summer! I am popping Pop Art like a Redenbacher.

Thank you for making me so lovely too :) :) :) :)

I shall hang this in a place of honor - where the sky blue adorning my merry toes makes me think of eternal summer days and how life should be too cool for shoes! :)
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huzza, huzza's all around! I am pleased as pie that you like it! :iconchuuplz:

word bender...hm....that sounds like a good Avatar knock-off (the animated series, unless you really want that unobtanium! although I'm a sight sure you could have thought up something better than unobtantium) but I meant every word :love:

many thanks for the patience, idea, and so forth. I still need to make your original request, but all the EG crew (including ms. jamie) are under the knife as far as design goes, once they're back in the game I can make sure her misadventures in footwear can be illustrated :D

you rock, Ivy! and know this picture is but a fraction of the gratitude I have for our friendship! :highfive:
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Awww Ben-friend - you are so sweet! :) :hug: :love: :hug:

I have met many wonderful cool people on DA or as I like to call it My GeekFace :) You were one of the first and still one of the best. I can't think of a funnier, kinder soul than you - well maybe Paunch. In the dream future - when I catch you at a Con peddling Everyday Grind trades I will whisk you away so we can enjoy fancy teas and silliness.

Please don't change Sweet Jamie too much :( That would make me sad :girlcrush:

Well, she is forever preserved in the covers of my dreamworld Everyday Grind trade - with colorful DVD commentary

Thank you again Good and Kind Sir :) :hug:
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
Oh Ms Ivy you complement with the best! I'll make sure to keep a top-hat on my person at all times in case we run into eachother at a con. tea? without top hats? a crime against humanity!

Oh not to worry my friend, the changes to all (including Jamie) are minor. I'm very happy with where they all sit, just tweaking them up a but. Hair, mostly. I'm making her a twee chubbier, but otherwise it's mostly just trying to make her hairstyle a little more streamlined. The same goes for the rest, their bodies have evolved but their hair has stayed almost the same, just taking what i've learned about hair and applying it. and if it doesn't work, it's easy to pick up where it was before :)

and I'm still serious as a heart attack when I say we should collab on something someday :D your writing and my pictures, unite!
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