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Loreables: Title Card

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Finished work at last! This is the cover to a project called "Loreables", an interactive childrens book for the iPhone and other tablet devices. I'm working with 2 other gents, a sound designer and a programmer, and so far it's been an incredibly rewarding challenge!

This image has been a long time coming, for I've been practicing other techniques (like animation!) in the meantime. You see, everything in this image is drawn, inked and painted seprately so they can eventually be moved and animated. Parallax, for those of you animation junkies! Over the past 3 months I've designed every page of our protoype, and eventually I may post the placeholders, but they look so bad I may not even be able to show my face for the shame, lol!

I hope that eventually I can post the animated product, but we'll fall off that bridge when we get there. Next time I'll post the layering process, it seems simple now that its over, but the sheer amount of planning that went into so simple an image deserves to be showcased. You don't have to look at it, but I'll showcase it all the same! :D
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I really love this and hope to see more of it. The hatchlings are adorable and funny that they're green!
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:aww: we'll have to compare griffons one day, lol!
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Oh Patricia, you are just the sweetest person! Your kindness and generosity never cease to amaze me. I was having a pretty rough day, but this just made me smile to my core :)

I know text is small, but I trully mean it when I say thank you, and I'm honored to call you my friend :hug:
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You're so welcome Ben. I'm glad that this made your day a bit brighter! :hug: Thank you too!
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this is amazing Ben :la:
just love the entire scenne you drew :la:
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*eyes melt* it's so beautiful~~~~:heart:
I really wanna see the final product. This is just so darling, I can't help but to both squee and sit and just admire how everything looks so gorgeous!!
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awww, andy! thank you, and good to see ye again!
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I have risen, like the mighty Pheonix from the ashes...or the not so might fungus from the carcass!
But it's great to see you too :3
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This scene is amazing! I especially love the new hachtling's face!
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thanks ms. Jade! Babies are fun tow rok with because they're all eyes. not baby looking enough? make dem eyes bigger!
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It looks INCREDIBLE!!!! I want this for my little sister OwO She would love it OwO
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Sounds like fun, man. Everyone should work on that type of product at last once.
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Indeed so! The best part is I don't have to do any of the programming or the "real" work :D
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Fantastic! This is great! :)

this is the kind of stuff I've been working on for a while, and now you're right there too! :)

You really are an incredible artist.
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d'awww, you flatter me!
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Gaaah, this just proves what a pro you are Ben <333 artwork for iphone games??? You'll be working for the company that makes whatever your fav video game is I can't remember, one day 8'D
This looks incredible >u< love the soft, colored lines and you make cell shading look so gorgeous!! Adore how you shaded fur/feathers too *u* amazing job on this!!! <33
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
Haha, thanks Amy :hug: I don't think it porves much beyond I'm a sucker for getting myself involved in too many things :) but thank you none the less my friend!
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very beautiful!!! I love how cute they look and this scene is amazing!
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