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Nothing else much to add! Jolly as a roger to be sharing!
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Wow! Looks great! Aaaaaand also looks like a LOT of work! :O
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Thanks Tatiana! But you're no stranger to a lot of work yourself XD
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Nope. Which you can obviously tell since old message is old... :P
And now I have even more work - 'cause I was offered a half-time space at a Danish comic drawing studio called Gimle last month. So now I'm starting to draw professionally for real :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la:
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Just looking at all the parts of the process here shows to me just how time-consuming making these scenes must be. :nod: Very cool to see how it's done of course, your backgrounds are very impressive especially. Best of luck with this. :) :thumbsup:
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Just dropping by, because I couldn't help but feel curious how everything was going with my old DA buddy. I'm very happy to see that you are working on such an awesome project Bennio! If it comes out, I hope to see the end result because I can't help but feel proud to see it! :hug:
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Denno!!! :iconretardiloveitplz: Hello! I'm so happy to see you here again! As you can see I've gotten myself into another busy project with my hopelessly little free time, but you know me, new projects are like catnip :)

How is life in the netherbie kingdom treating you? Hopefully acting finds you well?
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"Hopelessly little free time"? Sounds familair! But really Bennio, it looks awesome!

I'm doing well. My studie results not as much, but I guess I just have to work a little harder for that. (sarcastic yay). I still enjoy the student life though ;) Acting is still just as fun, if not more so, seeing as we have a new play that were are going to perform. It's a classic, called "Noise off" in english. There should even be some kind of movie based on the play. The downside is that we came short one male for the roles... so we had to turn it into a female (I play that role now)... which of course had to be some kind of posessive lover of some kind (so yeahtheroleisalesbianlolXDthankgodthereisnokissinthere!)

Now the biggest change, I said goodbye to my single status and now have a boyfriend. It wasn't love on first sight and a lot of dates, but he is such a sweetheart that I couldn't help but say yes eventually and I haven't regretted it yet. (eventhoughitonlyhasbeenaweek). So all in all, I'm very happy. My creative outburst have been somehwat lacking though. :/

How are you? Any little ducklings running around yet? :D
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Lol, study harder? that's one of the worst truths of life! study harder, so you can study harder next time! Yay!

and bwahaha at that role! Pleeeease tell me you gave them a "not impressed" face when they're like "whelp, we need to make a role for you...how's about...jilted ex lover who's gone crazy? and used to be a man, apparently?" that's sitom comedy, right there!

Awwww, you have a sweet man on your arm! that's so cute!!! :aww: Ah I know I'm getting old, that love is now "cute". And week or no, it sounds like you made a decision born of thought, not just feelings. Sometimes love at first sight is your heart's way of tricking you into a potentially disastrous position! But seeing as how I'm so late replying, I hope it's still going well!!!

On my end? No ducklings, but we're a year away from being debt-free, and hopefully house owners! We want the young to have a place of their own to grow up in, so we're just playing to working hard/waiting game, lol.

Oh, random note, the other day I decided to dredge up an old movie I loved as a kid, called "The Dragon Who Wasn't". Obviously not as good as I remember it, but apparently its the Netherlands first animated film! The english dub is goofy, but maybe your parents heard about it! It came out in the 80's, when I was just born, so I wonder how my parents found out about it. So yeah, random comment is random :)
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Hi Ben, 

It has been a long time again. I'm very sorry for the late reply.:( seems as time is rushing on and hard for me to keep track of it. I also keep saying to myself that I should start this Deviantart again. Maybe with some other creative output, but I have such short time on my hands as it is... 

Yeah, I did must have given a great expression because my friend was laughing his ass of. In the end, it was quite a funny role to play. I got to fall down a mini-stairs and to be very annoying. The audience enjoyed the show very much :) (even though I nearly blew it the seconds time... woops XD) 

Chris and I are still together. I notice some changes. He is still sticky sometimes but still as sweet and it seems like he is also less insecrure. I can sometimes be kind of hard about life "you don't know what will happen..." and those things, but he must have noticed that it doesn't mean that I think that will happen XD. This evening we have a national celebration evening with my whole family that he will join. Its an odd dutch celebration, for which we make 'surprises' (with a poem and a gift) for one of the family members that were divided through a lottery. It's load of fun - 'cause we love making fun of each other - and every new person to join is nervous (which is normal seeing as even I have the healthy nerves). Haha poor Chris. :giggle: 

Anyway, I didn't know the movie. I will ask them... well my mother. Dad hat- eh dislikes animations, so Mom is the best to ask haha. How is life for you now? Are there ducklings on their way? The debt-free sounds like a very wise descision. Did you celebrate thanksgiving? That always sounds like a great celebration to me (we don't do that). A good friend of mine is now in USA as well and she said it was great. Turkey and football she mainly pointed out hehe. 

I hope to hear from you soon. I will check frequently ;)
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Oh Denise, you know we both reply late, but I'm always happy to hear from you no matter the time :hug:

I, like you, don't have much time (for now!) But that will soon be wrapper up and ready :) I want to get EG started back up (after learning from my wealth of mistakes, of course!) and possibly try something new. We'll see!

But speaking of creative things, I'm so happy the play went well!! You did seem to enjoy theater, so it must be so fun and rewarding to still be a part of it! I get terrible stage fright, but hopefully you don't have the same problem! Who knows, maybe you'll have a career in it some day? :aww: after all, you can put on your resume "I fell down a set of stairs (you don't have to say small, lol) so I can do just about anything!"

You and Chris sound so cute together. It sounds like the longer you're together, the more you two work well. You can jokingly reassure him that the worst part is over; meeting the parents! Have you met his? I think it's a bit harder for the guy to meet her parents, since dads can often be intimidating (I will try my best with our future ducklings!) but if he passed that test, hes good to go! It's an added bonus if he actually gets along with them, you know you've got a keeper if you can drag him over for the holidays and he doesn't mind being with the whole family :)

I always love hearing about how other countries celebrate, 9/10 times they're much, MUCH better than American ones which boil down to "buy someone a gift". 2 of my friends moved to Japan to be teachers, and they tell me all sorts of crazy stories, the newest (and my favorite!) is a recent holiday of theirs where one member of the family wears an Oni (demon) mask and the others throw beans at them. And not the cooked ones, no sir! The uncooked-hard-as-rocks kind. Man that sounds like fun!

As for us we're still boring and comfortable, lol! We're 4 months away from owning no debt *knock on wood* and we've started looking for houses to raise the flock in. No, they're not on the way, yet, but soon we hope :blush: I just celebrated 1 year at my job as a graphic designer, and I'm finally getting comfortable at it! It's still nervewracking giving work to my boss and having her say "doesn't work, try again!" but I actually feel like I'm going somewhere in life, as every day is something new. Although some days I wish I could just change the colors on a design and throw it out the door, lol

As a whole, Americans are "supposed" to celebrate thanksgiving. Personally I think it's kind of a dumb holiday, for many reasons. However, your friend is 100% right, turkey and football is pretty much what it becomes. We gather with the idea of being around family, buuut you can guess how that goes! Erika and I don't really have any family close, so we get something terrible for our health and watch Dr. Who all day or something. Now THAT'S a holiday! This year was a little different, as in America there's a tradition called "Black Friday". sounds cheerful, right? The idea is that every friday after thanksgiving (always on a thursday) stores will have amazing discounts and sales, as it's the first day of the holiday shopping season.

So, to make it more ludicrous, stores started opening earlier, and earlier, as some insane people would camp outside of stores the night before. Yeah. terrible, isn't it? So when I worked for some of these stores a while back, I'd have to get up at like 2 am to be to the store by 3 am, so it could open by 4 am. It's kinda hard to enjoy a holiday knowing you need to be up before the sun the next day! Anyways, this year several stores decided to open at 7 pm...on thanksgiving day. Or just stay open all day, thereby depriving workers time off with their families so that people can get a discount on TVs or something. Bascially what I'm trying to say is the worlds hate of America is fully justified :)

It was so good to hear from you again, Denno! We both need to get back on here more, and start posting more work! Even if it's later in the year, it needs to be done.

Take care my friend, I look forward to hearing how you're doing again, and hopefully have some good news myself!
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Also, that unicorn...............Did you gnab her from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic???
She looks familiar!!!
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
haha no, as averse as I am to the new MLP (for no good reason!) I made sure to look at them and see if my color scheme didn't overlap any of theirs. Hard as hell, but she's my own :aww:
Chandraraj's avatar
That satyr...THAT SATYR. That satyr makes me the happiest jack-flapper on this side of the Pacos. Sorry. I freaking love Satyrs, you have no idea.
I love mythical creatures, fantasy, all of that...and the gnome is adorable too, by the way...but THAT SATYR.
Can I keep him? Please? I promise to take good care of him!
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
lol!!! I should have known you'd like him Andy :D originally he was my "filler" character, I needed another one to fit our plans, and he came out of nowhere. I expected him to be the worst, but he quickly became mine, and everyone elses favorite. More on him in a while, but for now I can tell you his name is Bloom, and he's a hippie :)
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Pleeeeeease let me be his love interest, even as a side gag. Just once :XD:
Hes too perfect
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
I think something can be arranged ;) you may find a surprise in the next few weeks lol!
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Hehe, I sense Paunch in that Ogre at the bottom ;D gotta love a friendly giant~
Anyway, nice to get some insight into the process *u* I knew/imagined even app games take a LOT of drawing and separating and layers and yeah X'D which is how they can move eyes, arms, clouds etc. etc. is so amazing seeing the finish product though, be proud!!! <333
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
lol, gotta go with what ya know! Yep, we knew we wanted a hungry fatass in the group, and so I got to thinking of ways to not have a paunch like character. But none of the designs really struck a chord with anyone, so i caved in and made him similar, and bam! instant hit.

Thanks again amy!!!
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Well, can't beat a lovable giant ;D

Very welcome >u<
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Hey, EG comic needs to come back. But this looks really cool in the meantime...
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