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For Glory!

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Magic: the Gathering/Overwatch playmat for a client of the glory bringer riding Glorybringer. Hoping to get a copy signed by Reinhardt's voice actor this year at blizzcon!

Glorybringer from Magic belongs to Wizards of the Coast
Reinhardt from Overwatch belongs to Blizzard entertainment
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Now that's some dragon ride to be on. :clap:
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It's amazing...would u let me download this and use it in a card game I'm making ang give u credit for it
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Omg! It's so lovely to see your art again!
This looks so badass too! LOVE IT!
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Thanks so much!!! love that new profile icon btw ;)
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OMG... How are you!? Where have you been!? lol, Hope everything is going well for you!
This piece looks awesome btw! Hope to see more soon!! :D
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Thank you so much!! Just trying to wrap my head around how much there is to catch up on lol
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Yay!! nice to see some art from you again Ben! :la: it came out amazingly!
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Thanks so much Nel! You've got quite the portfolio for me to go through, I'm very impressed with your robust roster!
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ahh thank you so much! :la: 
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Hey, nice to see something from you, man!
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Thank you good sir Gecko! Seeing a stack of Pucks to read when I come back is always something to smile about!
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Well, they're better to read in a big batch anyway.  Reading one per week sucks.
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Haven't seen you in an age...a Dragon's Age! ;)
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I see you what you did there!!! :D
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Oh! Hey! There's someone I haven't seen in a bit.
It's good to see that you are still art-ing. This is a beautiful picture.
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Thanks a bunch Ben!! and slowly but surely. There's such a massive backlog of other's work to look through in the interim! it's daunting, but that's first world problems for ya :)
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