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Ah, 55 at last. My years goal, and the start of a new story.

I came up with the concert idea over 3 years ago (while the comic was still in its infancy) and it was going to be a huge plot point, which it didn’t fail to meet my expectations. But one thing I never thought about until a few months ago…where does the story go from there?

I have several key plot-points that I want to meet, a tons of ideas, but no way to gracefully move from this plot point to the next without several comics of filler. And that just won’t do!

So, I decided to use the resources I had and make a fun parallel between Casey and Ian again. I love revisiting old themes, and this was one of my favorites. I think it worked out very well to my advantage, and is MUCH better than the idea I had before, which doesn’t even bear mentioning.

I also liked the idea of a more "serious" ending, as in without an obvious joke to go out on. I don't feel they all have to be jokes, I want some sentemental, sad, thoughtful, etc.

That being said, EG will be going away for a little while. I’m writing all the new blocks, and figuring out how to tie them together which is going well. But I need time to catch up on other work as well! So now is the perfect break.

I want to send my thanks to all the EG fans who I have come to know through the past year, I truly appreciate your support! Also I want to thank my critics as well, on and off the design table. You keep me questioning whether or not anything I do is working, and in turn, it helps me improve. And special thanks to those who actually read the artist comments, I use these as a post-project sendoff, so I can finally dust my hands and move on to the next. I hope my rambling isn’t boring!

Thank you all, I will see you soon with commissions! EG will be back in the spring, fresh and ready to go!
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"First season" of Everyday Grind is done with 55th comic and short conclusion, stating that "it was a good day", just as Jamie said.

Yes, sure, picture is done good. Bright colors, shading and lights. I like how panels are placed and these old-style text boxes are good touch. But that's just one side of the coin, next one is story.

Now the first season is finished, time to sum up the story we have so far:

There was an average guy named Norman, who lives with talking duck and yeti. Norman goes to store, there we meet Casey who is nerd, and then Jamie appears who falls for Norman the moment she sees him. Suddenly Norman goes to restaurant, gets assaulted by waiter, then Jamie appears again, it turned out she was stalking him(surprisingly she doesn't get charged nor other characters are creeped out by it) and starts whining how alone she is (... I wonder why.) and that she bought tickets on metal concert and has lots of money to pay for the whole dinner.
Then they end up buying t-shirts, Paunch ruins the whole toy store on his way, they meet two new characters, that immedietly like Jamie from the start and surprise surprise, she has tickets for them too! They chill out at concert and everything is fine and dandy.

But.... where's the main plot? Where's the engine? Character developement? Problems and conflicts? Where's the glue that sticks all these events together? I'm sorry, I saw nothing. Even Casey admitted the story is getting boring.

Now, since I saw some of your future plans for Everyday Grind, I strongly suggest you to stop and reboot before it's too late.

I know you're not fond of reboots, but trust me, it's a good thing. You said you want to go back and fix all the screw-ups, do things differently. Reboot allows you to do all of the above! And just like I told Hayley once, try it and if you won't like it you can always come back to your old ideas. But once again, I strongly suggest you to rethink all the current and future ideas, unless you want to have a Twilight with yetis instead of vampires and werewolfes.

If you're afraid you'll lose watchers, trust me, you'll lose them faster if you continue your current plot... or lack of it, actually.

Having troubles with character developement? I have around 100 links with tips on character and story developement and improvement. If you really want to improve and make an impact, I strongly suggest you to read these.

Here's the link: [link]

For your information, I'm reading these. I suggest you do the same.

This is perfect and propably LAST chance to reboot the comic. Use it.

That is all.
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ppppssst did u noticed it's 2015?
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noooo need the next one out it is so good!
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Haha, thank you so much! The series has been dormant for a very long time, but it's given me time to think about where it needs to go :) By late spring or summer is my goal to get it back up and running!
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he kinda remind me of maself ~.~"" things get boring easily @3@
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
ah, but you'll just always find something new :)
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Woo first arc complete can't wait for the other ones
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:clap: Nice ending there. ;p Great dialogue and the art work is still awesome!
Can't wait for the spring. :D

Seeing that you made 55 pages now, really got me motivated to make mine as far as you gotten. I have so many ideas I been thinking about for years and I wanna do it!
Sorry Im rambling.^^;

Nicely done!
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
ah, rambles are always welcome! but yes, the hardest part is simply finding the motivation to get started! but trust me, once you get rolling, you won't want to stop :aww:
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Coo! :D
Well, the reason I stoped the first couple of times is because my computer broke down.
So hopefully that don't happen this time.:XD:
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Aww that's the end?! :teardrop: of the first arch then. I'm glad, I would love to read and see more from this great comic that I have to love over the... years? Wow it has been so long! :wow: I can still remember the first comics from when I started to follow you! I know I have said it many times before, but you have grown so incredibly much with your comic-skills! It makes me kinda proud of you haha! :hug: Great job with getting so far! I will await the day that you become famous! Then I will stalk you for an autograph my friend. :plotting:

On a sadder note, I'm kind of afraid that we won't have much contact anymore until summer. Seeing as there are many other people on your support group that demand attention too and the fact that we are both very busy, with both school and real life. (just a bit right? :roll:) I have been inactive on DA as well for some time. Still, I hope that we will be able to exchange messages once in a while. :) If, for some reason not, I'm sure I will be able to stalk you in the summer once again! :D

Have a great day/week/month(s) Benji! Hope to hear from you soon!
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Just one evil question ; Have you ever been to metal concert ? Like real metal concert where is some heavier bands than Fall Out boys? Because that gig representation looks like bad parody, of something I love >:<
You have all right's to feel offended because I already am

And remember perspective is your friend! Because that is almost doesn’t exist in comic :<
Push your limits man !!
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
haha, I'm offended that you even think Fall out Boy and heavy could be in the same sentence ;) but yes, I have. Anaal Nathrak, Nile, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Mastadon, the list goes on. I've been to many. Not all metal is dark, some metal is big and goofy and over the top. That's what makes it fun! and watch Metalocalypse sometime, it's goofy metal, and it totally kicks ass. Or even more hilarious, powerglove! Sometimes power metal is better than thrash metal, because it's not all dark and brooding.

and I was trying to push some persepctive like they do in comics, especially in the last frame. Buuuut that didn't work out too well. Oh well, a little more learned each time.
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I'm offended by boy band existence. Beat that.
However for me that text sounds out of place. I mean hell who needs an encouragement for a mosh pit ? EH...?
And for me it didn't fall in goofy metal place too.... (Maybe it is due to the fact that to everyone else metal means something else.)
Metalopcalypse if fun *0*
Anyway since you are redoing your plot use the time to tame mystical beast called perspective. Start by drawing boxes (and read some books ) XD If you will be successful then your comic will looks at least 100 times better. (Because in my eyes all your hard work and nice frames looks more than odd because of lack of perspective)

It didn't work out because there are different vanishing lines and the angle is precise it is too big. Also the lamp looks to big. (I know it is the looking point and so on but it just is. ) Geez it is hard to explain this stuff P:

Anyway good luck ! And all heil to Shagrath !

For example in 4th frame you drawed the buildings and the people on different vanishing points. It disorted the image and made the buildings looks ernomous
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
lol, I can't beat that :XD: however, I can vouche for the opening text. A lot of bands do that, depending on the venure. Concrete floors? don't wanna mosh as much, so sometimes the singer encourages it. My 2001 Ozzfest CD (also my first metal comcert I'd ever been to) has it, where they chose a Systematic song where he opens talking to the crowd "There's way too much fucking standin' around out here, ya'll need to start a mosh right now". The best mosh bands don't say anything, they let it happen, or in some cases (Dragonlord) the singer twirls his finger around, and that gets it started :)

ah persepctive is a bastard, I've studied it for ages. I don't spend as much time on my comics as I do on regular pictures, but recently I've tried to get away from my lazy gradient backgrounds. But you are 100% right, it doesn't look good. One cartoonist I learn from, ben Caldwell, emphasises exaggeration in cartooning, where making something look bigger and over the top defies realism, but makes for better impact. I tried for that in the last frame, but it was TOO much of a contrast from realism, the more I think about it the more dissapointed in myself I am! It's good to feel that way, I will use that dissapointment for improvement...hopefully

I had an odd vanishing point for the houses (It's in Paunch's Belly) but I didn't angle the smaller ones to reflect it, and it looks wierd, you are right. I wanted to give the effect like they were standing in front of some houses in the suburbs, but those roofs just look bad :XD:

I'm starting a new webcomic (in conjuction to EG) which doesn't use text (most of the time) so it's high time I learn to take more care with these things. Half the reason for the break, right there! Lots of practice is needed. Anyways, thank you for bringing it up, that was a very fair critique, and I am grateful for it :aww:

and yes! Hail Shagrath! their "new" video for 'Gateways' is just aaaaaamazing!!! ;-;
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THANK GOD! Oh thank goodness :faint:
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The back and forth with Casey and Ian was very well done, and also brought them back into the story. Since they had to be doing something while all this was going on! I love seeing Jamie without her hat. She ought to go hatless more often.
If I have any critique at all, it's the distance from the night table to Jamie's bed. In the last panel, where we see the diary, it looks like it's too far away.
Apart from that, this ended everything well and brought a great end to the year.
I loved meeting you this year and reading up on all these fun characters. May you and your wife have a great Christmas/holiday season. And a wonderful 2012 (and Year of the Dragon!).

See you in the spring!
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why thank ye, Patricia! and I certainly agree, that table angle looks a bit wacky. Normally thats the product of me finishing something before I have a chnace to really take it all in, but such was not the case here. I wanted it to look dynamic, but of course it had to fit into frame, so I tried something new that I THOUGHT would pay off, really, it didn't lol.

damn you perspective! I'll try a bit harder next time, but each try is a lesson. hopefully one day it will turn out right :)

and yes! a wonderful holiday to you and your husband! be safe, be happy :floating:
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