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Edgar Markov's Last Supper

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Ok I swear, the playmat flood is almost done. But we aren't there yet, so...

Hi guys, another Magic: The Gathering playmat!

I made this much, MUCH earlier in the year, for a dear friend who was leaving our group to move to Seattle. What better way to celebrate his moving on to better things, and the birthday of Christ than with a little vampiric heresy?

Left to right: Sanctum Seeker, Twilight Prophet, Falkenrath Aristocrat, Anowon the Ruin Sage, Kalitas the Traitor of Ghet, Olivia Voldaren, Edgar Markov, Sangromancer, Sorin Markov, Drana, Captivating Vampire, Yahenni the Undying Partisan, Blood Artist.

We'll miss you, Mike. You made our lives miserable but your smile made us hate ourselves for hating you. Keep in touch!
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I have to say this is QUITE phenomenal oho MAN MMHNMM
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A very fine picture you've made to celebrate the end of last year. Plus I like the sarcastic message you typed in the end description as well too. :clap:
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Damnn that's an amazing gift! 8D they all look so great and the varied poses and interactions came out great! :la: 
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*snicker, snicker*

It's not sacrilege if you do it in jest. XD

It makes no sense to me because I don't play Magic, but I get he gist of it. Good job.

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I'm sure if anyone has a sense of humor, ol Jesus is up there. If not, well, a lot of us will be in good company!

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Hey! Long time, no see!
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Howdy, howdy! It's always nervewracking dusting off the old profile. Ty for making it already feel like home again :)

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