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Commision: Crypto Buddies

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First work I've been able to submit in months! So it feels pretty good to be back.

Anyhowsers, this is a new commision/updated version of a previous work, done about 2 years ago. My friend asked that I make him a picture of a yeti riding the Loch Ness monster, so of course I had to do it! While he loved the previous version, it wasn't the right size to do anything with, so I set my sights bigger when he ordered this one.

This odd image size is because it's actually for a play mat, for trading card games. It brings a tear to my eye to see this used as a play mat, as it always elicits a laugh and some entertaining questions.

This was originally pretty expensive, as I spent a lot of time learning new things for it (all that water was done with a roundtip brush in photoshop. yikes) but I decided to make it for free in the end :) this has been an incredibly shitty year for a lot of us, and I wanted this to be a symbol for him that frienship should come first, money isn't as important (if you're lucky!)

So I hope you enjoy! The comic will be back in a month or two, taking a different approach this year, hopefully one that will pay off. Thanks for reading, and I'll see ya around!
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Been off here a few months myself. Glad to see you back. Sorry to hear about your kitty.
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thank you on all counts, good sir!
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I really love the energy in this one!
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haha, thank you! it took a depressingly long time to finish, but hopefully they get a little easier each time XD
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why thank you very much!
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In my series the Cryptids are demonic entities - Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie, Mothman, Owl Man, Jersey Devil, White Rose Hall Witch, Swamp Ape, Chupacabra, all of them are demons trying to make Jake's life hell XD
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Cryptids rock, and so does this picture. Seriously, there's so much life and motion here. Such a freewheeling sense of fun, too. You know those images of Hiccup riding Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon? Yeah, it's that same sense of adventurous abandon, but you totally owned it. This is completely original and just as stirring. I love it when that happens.
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thank ye muchly! crypto beasts need love, because lord knows they get a bunch of crap from cryptozoologists, lol. but yes, that movie kicked so much ass, so you do me quite the honor with the comparison! Thank you!
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I love the sense of fun and motion in this picture. Paunch is just having a wonderful time! The splashes of the water are really well done. And I think this would be more physically possible than the older picture, at least as far as proportions go. Nothing like a ride on a lake monster to chase away the winter blues!

Great to see you back! Hope all is well.
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and its good to be back! thank you so much Patricia!
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You're welcome!
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My God, what I see here? Some new artwork from you!

Haven't heard anything from you in ages, and I am glad to see that you are back with some new art of awesomeness! :D How are you doing, Ben?

Now, I absolutely love this one. Characters are done so nicely,and Pounch is sure having a lot of with with that Nessie monster! What amazes me is the background. You always seem to nail that. No matter what you draw you always have an amazing background! Also, that water effect just left me speechless. It is so real! Must have been a complicated work to make it look like this.

Looking forward to see the comic and some more art from you! :)
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hello vita!!! nice to see you too! I've been off being a boring adult for a while, and doing other work. But it's high time to start weaseling my way back here as well :D

I trust everything has been good on your side of the world as well!
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Oh dear. It's Paunch. *sigh* now, Vita, that's what you get for writing a comment when you are sleepy. :D
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I missed your art so much, glad to see something new from you! :) You improved so much! I really love the motion and water here, such a fun pic! :la:
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hello simone! good to see you too! thank you so much for the compliment too, water is a fiend, and I have a whole new respect for people who are far better at it than I XD
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Oh yes, water is so difficult to draw but you did great :la:
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Ohhhh my gosh, this is a mat?! I would TOTALLY play Magic more if this was my mat! This is so cool! The detail, the pose, just...everything!!! :D
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Oh hell yes! I wanted to print this for myself, but that would make the authenticity not as cool. bah, oh well! I'll make one for myself, but I've too many ideas and a crippling lack of time XD
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EXCELLENT comeback pic!!:)
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Hello julie! nice to see you too! :hug:
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I'm a bit of a cryptid fan so I think this is a great piece :D
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