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Choppy Reviews: Salamanders

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Another title card for Choppyreviews.com

Eh...I'm not too happy with this one. The usual extreme time constraints notwithstanding, I know I can do better. But as that guy who stole the idea for what would become Facebook says, "done is better than perfect!"

Wait, no it isn't! Lies!

Anyways, for non-warhammer fans, these are space marines. They are giant warriors. In space! (that makes everything cooler)

For warhammer fans, a Raven Guard and two Salamanders enjoying marshmellows. Why? You'll have to watch the review!

More Loreable stuff sooner than later, been working on boring non-uploadable stuff as of late. But it's gotta get done!
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Someone needs make some art of the Salamanders being awesome defending and helping civilians. That's one of the coolest things about them.
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Or just Vulkan doing anything :)
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Well that is true, but either way there needs to be more art of them protecting civilians.
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So what could be cuter than giant warriors roasting marshmallows. This is beyond funny and adorable especially the guy sticking his tongue out. Love the front lighting.
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Great contrast here with the suited-up marines doing something that doesn't involve blowing stuff up. :lol: Diggin' your lighting skills as well. :thumbsup:
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Thanks Mark. I don't know how the pros do fire, doing this cheap crapy fire was hard enough, lol!
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Nice! I want roasted marshmallows now XD
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
Right? I don't know why we didnt have a fireplace by our desks at work!
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this is so badass and cute at the same time
I love the coloring and all the details this has, yet I love the cute attitude of the salamanders :giggle:
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Baaaw, your cell shading is simply awesome <333 made even awesomer by colored lines, so professional looking *u* wonderful work on this!! Sweet highlighting too~
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
Thank you ms. Amy! still trying to figure out if I like colored lines or not :XD:
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They do look quite nice o3o... but so do black lines... le decision is yours 8D *runs away*
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Mmm. Marshmallows. A great image, in my opinion. Nice sense of filling the frame, and good work with the light source from the fire.
Everyday-Grind-Comic's avatar
Maybe time to get some of those giant marshmellows
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eeee wow!!! Beautiful persepective! *3* and awesome colors!!!!
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They look amazing! :D
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