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Choppy Reviews: Dark Apostle

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My first title card for a video review, over at choppyreviews.com

Aside from being a badass property, Warhammer 40k has been something I've wanted to work with for a very long time, but it's so easy to not do something because trying something new is rough. But having a deadline (and baaaaaaaarely meeting it, as usual :)) has gotten me going at a good pace and trying things I never would have had the wherewithall to do before. Such as backgrounds! Sure, I'd occassionally do one, but I'd cut every corner in the book! Then make up new corners and cut those too. A bad habit I'm trying to stop, and hopefully it will pay off!

As for this image, it's based on the Warhammer book "Dark Apostle". I have no clue what it's about, short of what I was told to put into this scene. A Chaos Space Marine (they love their skulls!) overseeing the construction of a great evil tower, Gehemehnet (no, I can't pronounce it either) by hordes of brainwashed cultists. Also the tower reaches into the clouds, and can steal the air, apparently. Neat!

Speaking of clouds, one of the many new things I'm learning in my new career is crafty ways to paint. These clouds are NOT created with a stamp, but all with an airbrush! So photoshop users, prepare to learn something new! I learned this through trial and error, and it's very easy:
-Use an airbrush. The bigger the better! Bump that guy up to 300+ size
-Bump down the opacity to around 15-20%
-use a wacom (god help you if it's a mouse) and gently, VERY gently tap and swirl around. It takes some practice, but keep trying! eventually you'll start to get rough cloud shapes.
-swap to a darker (or lighter) color and do the same around different parts of the cloud to give it volume.
-to add color without making new areas to the cloud, on the layers pallete select the "lock transparent pixels" option. Now you will paint ONLY where there's color on that layer!

It sounds more complicated than it is, but making a massive brush means that it will compensate for the jerky motions required to make a more natural looking cloud. Plus the lower transparency helps with dimension and volume, provided you swap colors from time to time. The more you know!
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Looks awesome I like it
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The hordes of faceless cultists streaming down the hill gives a real sense of forboding here.
The grey and nuclear apocolyptic skies don't help either! Funnily enough, the Chaos Space Marine looks rather chill doing his job!

Love that sky(mixture of clouds and beautiful starfield) and whatever is going on down there can't be good for the sake of mankind!
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This is serious awesomeness. It has that epic feel of epicness to it.
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epic meal time, anyone? :)
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so cool :D:D:D
seems an interesting story :D
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Now that looks like a pretty grim place :(
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Oh my yes, but Warhammer is still an odd amount of fun to be immersed in!
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well, that's some neat clouds!!!
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