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Arrested Development

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A very quick and cheap tribute to celebrate this momentous day! After 7 long years, Arrested Development is back!

For those not in the know, AD was a show a family who had become fabulously rich in building houses. After the father and president committed every crime in the book (treason, embezzlement, etc.) He was arrested leaving the company in the hands of his rich, spoiled, idiotic family. Now his one intelligent son, Michael, has taken it upon himself to save the family business because even if people are still cheaters, liars, frauds, and con-artists, they're still family!

The show was widely considered one of the funniest and most intelligent ever made, and its cancellation was met with a rabid fanbase who spent the last 7 years begging for a comeback. Today we get our wish! Huzza!

As for the comic, the "Analrapist" joke was the point where I realized what a legendarilly good show AD really was. While this isn't the way it was written in the show, and these two characters never shared it (I wanted my own little spin on it :)) I hope it does it at least a little justice.

Now, off I go to relive the magic!
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He may be and Analrapist, but I'm a Psychoanalrapist*!

*Psycho analist and therapist.
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HA! This never gets old XD
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Oh Tobias, so good to have you back!
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It's like the show never left. Especially for me, because I never watched it to begin with. ;)
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Lol, the best way to celebrate the return of something you never paid attention to is continued lack of attention!
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So hilarious!!!!!!!
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Yet another show that I've heard plenty about, but never seen - this tells me what kind of humour to expect from it, too. :XD: Neat rendition of the characters here. :thumbsup:
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Oh it's a mind boggling show. Arrested Development has jokes hidden within jokes. I feel dumb often while watching it, as I'm sure 50% of the humor requires a re-watch to appreciate!
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After Doctor Who i will try this series @.@
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Dr. Who? I've just gotten into that myself! then I find out that there's a whole original series that is very hard to track down. it's going to be work trying to watch it all!
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WTF dude O.o u still exist O.o
last time i checked u were disappeared ~
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Gee, I would just LOVE to know what kind of profession that is...
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One that hopefully lands you in jail! :XD:
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love AD <3 xD me and my brother been watching the new season today
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God AD is so amazing. Now that I'm through my second viewing of the new series, I'm dismayed to see how many people don't like it! But something tells me after the next season comes out people will hate it and praise this season.

Fandom is a fickle and confusing phenomenon!
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I think the new series was a bit weird because the style was different... it didn't flow the same, but it was still the same old AD charas and situations xD I enjoyed it!
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It is very different indeed! I was alarmed at first, but after thinking "okay, it's been 7 years since the first AD, lets see what they do with it" I came to realize they are wholly different shows.

Plus Ron Howard just nailed it
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