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depressed Castiel

Castiel from Supernatural
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Beautiful!  Great job, and thanks for sharing this :)
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*huggles him *
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Hi! I redrew this some days ago as a practice and added some stuff so it's literally just the pose I copied (redrew it with pencil) and wanted to ask you for permission posting my "redrawing" of this on instagram! It's not NEARLY as good as yours again, it was just a practice and I only used your pose. Can I post it on insta? I'll credit ypu and everything you want and say that this is the original. I'm actually really bad at drawing and this was the first time I did quiet well. Just tell, I understand if you don't like me doing that but it would make me really happy! If you'd like to I'll send you the drawing
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This drawing is truly amazing....
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Sad and beautiful...
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This is amazing!
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Amazing, absolutely stunning.
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Очень-очень круто! Такая безысходность прямо..
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Sam Crying
This is so beautiful and sad.
Excuse me while I go to cry in the corner.
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Wow, this is painfully beautiful... Amazing job...! <333
This is really lovely. And thank you for rendering the golden eagle so well. Your attention to detail is wonderful - especially the feathers of the wings and tail and the feet and talons. Not every artist pays such attention when they portray birds. Thank you!
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Really beatiful work, is it digital or conventional painting, best regards!
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This is amazing. The way the light hits him and just the elegance in the expression of emotion is beautiful. Wonderful detail on everything, it definitely brought out his agony and I just can't praise this enough!
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I havent looked at your work in a long time, then I saw this pic and guessed it was yours. I think you have a style that can't be copied. Awesome work again!
This is really wonderful. Evocative of myth and the punishment the gods would inflict on lesser beings who dared disobey. Though I don't think Cas has ever disobeyed God. I think he's just pissed off angels, who are douchebags anyway.
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