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Deviation Actions

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- Be polite to everyone!
If i see ANYONE who is being nasty to anyone /someones art i will delete you from the group. (and report you) this group is for everyone to have fun look art peoples art and to get along

- Do NOT STEAL anyones art or pretend its yours!
Right this is serious NEVER EVER steal art...this is ILLEGAL!!!
Also you will be deleted from the group. (and reported) then the real artist will be informed and they can take legal action if the want to.

- Do NOT upload any images that contain violent content against Children, Animals, religon.

ARTISTIC NUDE is welcome aslong as the correct 'Mature content filter' is on.

If anyone violates this you and your work will be deleted

- Try and add art to the right folders!
Each folder has a list of the type of things that can go in.

- Enjoy! Join! and have FUN!
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