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On second thought, maybe I should specify. This group is for every My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic OC pony ever made. BUT for that to happen, I will need you to help me find, submit, and suggest every OC you come across.

Guide to our Folder System
What EOCE Defines as "Anthro"
EOCE's Terms for Contest Ideas and Advertising

:bulletred:NO MATURE CONTENT. If it needs a filter, we don't want it
:bulletred:NO DRUGS are allowed! That means no marijuana/weed/pot, no cigarettes or cigars, no wine, no alcohol, no bongs, no hooka, NONE OF IT. Even prescriptions are iffy!
:bulletred:NO GUNS. Blades have been in the show, so that are accepted, BUT THEY MUST NOT BE COMMITTING ACTS OF VIOLENCE.
:bulletred:NO BLOOD/GORE. Bruises, like the one Rarity got when she poked herself with a needle, and "scuff marks" (kinda look like #) are allowed due to show usage.
:bulletred:Pony pairings of any sex are a-okay as long as they are not going beyond light kissing on the head/hoof/lips. And still no cuddles.
:bulletred:NO CUSSING, not even the p-word-that-can-mean-urine-or-being-angry! Crap is debatable.
:bulletred: NO CUPCAKES, the fanfic, or RAINBOW FACTORY the fanfic.
:bulletred: NO ADVERTISING (adopted adoptables are fine)
:bulletred: Do NOT try to get around this rule by cropping out the "bad parts" or censoring them with a box. We research what we accept, and if we see that the full version violates our terms, the censored version will still not be accepted.



Gallery Folders

I see the light by ThaMutt
So Small by Potzi-Hookman
Robo Rainbow Feather By Raikoh Illust by Q99
Cole by Haventide
Earth Ponies
[MLP-OC] Lucky Dice by CarlosCreations
Dango's 2016 Ref by StagetechyArt
Amberpaw's 2016 Ref by StagetechyArt
{MLP OC} Plush Trap by Doovers-Corner
I can get through this!! by BeamyButt
Contest Entry - I finally got my Cutie Mark by 8-Notes
MLP:  Ask Crisp Breeze : Q 110 : Mysterious? by Rulette
Nigh City [Contest] by Hilis
MLP: Bubblegum Candy: For Lanaix by Rulette
Mana Fall's 2016  Ref by StagetechyArt
Black Knight's 2016 Ref by StagetechyArt
Let's Collab : Patches and OC by xMi-Ichigox
Minecraft Adventures !! by BeamyButt
Chicken noodle boop!! by BeamyButt
Custom G4 Galaxy My Little Pony by enchantress41580
Crystal Ponies
R63: Crystal Adenzell Harmony by AldoBronyJDC
I Strongly Dislike You by Kitistrasza
Art Trade: Crystal Jeckie by IronwoodAKACleanser
Commission: Gigapolis the Crystal Pony by IronwoodAKACleanser
MLP The Mermaids and the song of the Ocean by jucamovi1992
Hippocampus by nicolechar
White Gift by Zmei-Kira
Nexus seapony by Zmei-Kira
Hoofed Animals
You're Pretty? by Kitistrasza
Please don't bite me... by xSeamair
Alkira armored by BlackFlamePegasus
ARIL3 by Hilis
:MLP: Halloween selfie ! by AndreiAnaMaria13
[commission] Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls by Arrkhal
True Heart ch5 p. 8 by Legend-Seeker-MLP
Illusions or Reality? by Kitistrasza
Sandro Changeling by Zmei-Kira
Chrysalis by Zmei-Kira
Groups with Many Species
Mane 6 grandkids Tempest and Andromeda's children by ShrapnelLeader
OC's with Canon Characters
[COM] The1King by Raponee
Children of OC's+Canon Characters
Origin and reinkarnation by Zmei-Kira
Canon Character Children
Apple Bloom's daughter by ShrapnelLeader
Anthro Ponies etc
Featherpunk by Cosmic-Candy-Shop
Humanized Ponies
MLP The Friendship Cup by jucamovi1992
Fifth Harmony Ponies: Reflection by AldoBronyJDC
The Time Traveling Kids of the Mane Six! P.1 cha.1 by ShadowSwirl
Golden Rose cutie mark by Han-Chann
Hello everypony. Over the past day, we have been experiencing some issues with changed submission settings that resulted in no deviations being able to be submitted or accepted. We are working to resolve the issue right now. Currently, you should be able to submit to most if not all folders, but at this moment nothing is able to be accepted. I will update this journal the moment the issue is resolved.
In an attempt to fix this problem, I am going to be resetting ALL permissions. You may experience peculiar problems, such as automatically approved deviations, deviations denied, previously submitted (but not approved yet) deviations become expired or denied. IN THIS EVENT, please wait until the next update that will hopefully say the issue is resolved and resubmit your deviations.
Or you may see no changes at all (hopefully).

Fingers crossed, knock on wood, lucky rabbits foot, ect...
Made some progress; at this time, members may submit deviations, and half of the administrators are currently capable of voting on incoming submissions. ... the less active half (me and another). I am not able to work on this problem anymore until late tomorrow, and submission acceptations will be slow.
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K4nK4n Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018
After 3 years of expired submissions since 2015, I hereby declare that this group is officially BHB Emote Tombstone Headstone Dead RIP 
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016
Yep, this group is officially DEAD. I have submissions from 2015 that are still being left to expire by this group.
TheNonArtist64 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
So the group is dead....I would cuss but this isn't the fanfic "A Journey Beyond Sanity" were it's just sounds like a beep...:| (Blank Stare) 
Troublemute Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2016  Student Writer
ah;; stupid thing to bring up and i know i'll regret this later, but the rules of the group are a bit to controlling? the cussing rule is kinda stupid, and so is the no affection rule aside from kisses. that's all i have a problem with and it's why i was set off from the group, but eh, it's your group and your rules. i would just like to say it's not necessary to have no cussing - there's nothing wrong with it. no sex makes sense, but no cuddles? what's sexual about cuddles? please don't flame me, i was trying to be polite even if i did come off as rude.

...then again this group is dead. eh, whatever.
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016
It's already been a year, and my submissions are still being left to expire. I guess this group's dead.
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Sorry but... more expired submissions.
FenixTheFox93 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Question concerning a possibly "mature" piece. I didn't think it was enough to slap a filter on it, but I have a simple colored sketch of my OC in rainbow stockings and a collar I was hoping to submit. I'd call it questionable at absolute most because of the collar, but would that be okay to submit? It's in my gallery if an admin wants to look at it to be sure.
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
Is this group still alive? Because you've been letting my submissions expire since June.
RainDashDragon Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah sorry bout that. Lots of the the staff on the page haven't been very active, including me. I'll try accepting submissions daily now. You can try resubmitting. 
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
Expired submissions are expired.
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