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Freeport - Dunbar

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Freeport: City of Adventure
Copic marker and colored pencil on paper
© Green Ronin Publishing

A piece done for the new Freeport Pathfinder book.  I used the costumes from the BBC production, The Musketeers, as my inspiration for this character's look.  He's an enforcer of sorts, so I wanted him to feel vaguely intimidating as he strides purposefully, but calmly towards us.
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SethEylesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Fancy get-up, very nice.
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EverwhoProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks!  This guy was fun to draw.
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Very nice XD
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servia-artHobbyist Digital Artist
You filled it with the wanted feeling for 100%!
Really great art!
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Mmm, copic + colored pencils is one of my favorite combos. 

Also, I really like this look. He really conveys all the points you mentioned like looking authoritative, purposeful, calm, and confident. And I really love how you used the pencil to also add in rougher textures like on his boots.

One question though, when you do traditional pieces like this, how large do you tend to work? I've recently stepped up from A4-ish sizes to a larger paper size, but I"m always curious as to what sizes other people use. 
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EverwhoProfessional Traditional Artist
My standard paper size is 11 x 14, however, I wanted to make sure that the pieces in this series got the attention to detail they deserved, so I stepped up to 14 x 17.  That's about as large as I'm comfortable working with Copics as any larger and you likely have to deal with streaking.
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thetavernknightHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Love it. Nice work.
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Mmm, yes. I think you got the intimidating bit down nicely, yes. Would not want to meet him if I had a guilty conscience.
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EverwhoProfessional Traditional Artist
That was the idea!  If you see this scene, you pissed somebody off.
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These are very nice! :)
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Very nice. How is it to work for WOTC?
How long do they give you for an art piece?
May I ask how long this took you?
Any digital touches?
Anyway, thanks for sharing :)
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EverwhoProfessional Traditional Artist
This was done for Green Ronin, not WOtC.  The only WOtC work I've ever done was back in 1999-2000 when I did work for their iteration of the Legends of the 5 Rings CCG and then again a few years ago when I did some portraits for a series of online articles for the d20 Star Wars RPG.  I had no problems when working with either group (both projects were assigned by different divisions of WOtC) and was given adequate time to complete the work.  I don't recall the exact amount of time, but I'm sure it was in the neighborhood of 3-4 months, which seems to be the standard in this industry.

I don't recall how long this one took me, specifically.  Including the sketch phase, but not the time it took the A.D. to get back to me with approval, the full time was probably 8-10 hours' of work time.  There is no digital enhancement on this pics, save for the background and the defining stroke around the character.
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