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Worm: The Undersiders



characters from :iconwildbow: wildbow's original serial: Worm
[link] read naoooo

i'd explain it, except the page does a better job than i would ever do.
go read it now. it's pretty good... and pretty long.

from left to right we have
Alec (Regent); Bitch (Rachel); Lisa (Tattletale); Taylor (Skitter); Brian (Grue); and Aisha (Imp)

aside from Regent's and Skitter's, all the icons were grabbed from a quick google search
the colors weren't picked for any particular reason either

straight photoshop cs5
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This is a fantastic piece of work! So I made this into an unofficial ebook cover while we wait for John to release his official ebook. I love how you divided the panels for each person by using a stylized W. ;)