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Worm: The Undersiders

characters from :iconwildbow: wildbow's original serial: Worm
[link] read naoooo

i'd explain it, except the page does a better job than i would ever do.
go read it now. it's pretty good... and pretty long.

from left to right we have
Alec (Regent); Bitch (Rachel); Lisa (Tattletale); Taylor (Skitter); Brian (Grue); and Aisha (Imp)

aside from Regent's and Skitter's, all the icons were grabbed from a quick google search
the colors weren't picked for any particular reason either

straight photoshop cs5
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I originally saw this on the Worm gallery. Made a DA account today and now I can comment and say how ridiculously amazing this is! My favorite Worm art. Period.

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Taylor looks really cute in this rendition, I like it :thumbsup:
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Great work! I like this style!
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Very nice fanart! ^^
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This is amazing.  Hands down, best piece of Worm fanart I've seen, plus I love the style!
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Taylor gives off a Meganekko feel here
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Sorry I'm reading the book but who is the girl on the far right
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I find it really funny you asked this considering the character. 
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There is a girl to the far right?
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... I mean, there are only five undersiders, right? I don't understand why people would even think there's another person in this picture.
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Imp - Grue's little sister
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I always imagined Taylor having more wavy or curly hair. But she's really cute.
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There is not enough Worm fanart on DA. Thanks for providing some. :D
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very, very nice, however, one relatively niggling complaint is Bitch's nose, which looks way too nice considering in their first encounter, Taylor observed that it appeared to have been broken before.
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Awesome picture!
Love this, excellent picture. Especially Tattletale and Skitter are drawn beautifully. Thank you for sharing this.
Damn... I'm only on arc 9. This is kind of a spoiler.
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Best Rachel drawing =P so far XD
The rest aint bad, btu Rache is da 1 XD
Awesome! My favorite illustration of the best supervillian team ever. Skitter is just adorable.

It would be cool to see the same image, but with everyone in costume. Could be a great companion piece.
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i think we need more
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