Ich bin ein Mann, du bist eine Frau und College.

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Since I couldn't find a good tittle I used the only two phrases in German that I can write -and I don't even know if it's correct, if it's not, please don't kill me.
I don't know if I already talked about this, but Calculus is pretty cool. Just saying. My Mechanic's teacher were a kick in balls, so I had not much time to practice, sleep, eat, talk to people, live or breath. But last week I ended my first year of studies with a pretty good grade (!), them, I starded two new projects:
  1. A random drawing!
  2. A random drawing!
It's not exciting? -kill me         /sarcasm
I'll also fix some errors and make some improvements on that Rainmeter skin that I got the DD -do you have a DD? I have a DD.
That's all, folks.

Oh! Almost forgot! I have a disease that makes me can't stop talking like Doge. It's called Very-Dogeophatia. wow
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Yeah, I'm with BF 3 'cause I don't can buy BF 4 lol
I wish you would making RM skins :) Keep doing bro.
Congrats for the good year bro!
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Wow, people are reading my journal! That's cool and unexpected.
Since I live in Brazil, we have some hardcore taxes, so BF4 is almost U$100 here. That is expensive as fuck.
To be honest, I'm without ideas for RM skins, but if one good idea comes I'll make it without doubts. Making RM skins is one of my favorite things.
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That's really bad :( have you ever thought about buy BF4 on Steam? It can be better I think. 
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Probably is. I didn't checked it out yet.