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Yay! I'm finally back to drawing! (Though I always was just did not get a chance to post it here). xD So pretty soon my deviantart will be raided will alot of pictures! *evil laugh* muwha hahahah!

Can't wait til christmas!!! ^w^


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Hey guys I'm finally going to start posting drawings again. Sorry but school's been pretty...cruel.
Anyways so just for the upcoming holidays I'm going to be doing a Christmas Challenge!! *whooot!*
It's going to consist of the theme, "13 Days of ANImas" (Anime Christmas!)
I will be drawing one picture for each day and an extra special one on Christmas Day^^ (sorry I don't have photoshop so nice cg pictures are out of the question *tears*)

I can't really think of many different anime since I haven't watched tv is so long. So freely give any ideas in please. Thankies!
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It's been like forever:...okay getting on with the subject. I've been drawing daily but I've never had time to scan it; so by the end of this week I'm going to scan all my pics and put them on deviantart.

I swear there's a pile of papers saying, "Scan me, scan me." Being random here.

One of my new pictures will be a floral design. I have no idea what I was doing but in the end it came out pretty good. Weird...

Nobody seems to like my drawings so I'm going to try and change the "view" on my drawings. At least give them a little mood. or whatever. But I'm trying my best.

                                                                        <3, eversnow
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