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**OLD** All Dark theme for Windows 10

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Published: August 10, 2015
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A dark windows 10 theme which can be used _without_ modifying system files or installing third party applications. This is a High Contrast theme so it might change the look of some applications, best try it for your self if it affects you. This is probably the best I can do with the limited Windows 10 theme capabilities, I urge you to request a Dark theme or an better theme engine from Microsoft.

To use the theme just copy the *.theme file to -> "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes"

If you don't trust a *.zip download (even though it only contains the theme file), just copy this pastebin into a new *.theme file.

*** Howto:
Here is a nice tutorial from user "vineyvande19" how to use the theme: www.winranx.com/enable-dark-mo…

*** Chrome Theme + Addons:
I have made fitting theme for chrome in themebeta: www.themebeta.com/files/chrome…
Or just search the store for dark themes.

If you want to change the style of the internet sites you visit you need to install Stylish extension for chrome:
Here is a list of themes I use: comments.deviantart.com/1/5820…
>> A great alternative which will just work for a lot of people > chrome.google.com/webstore/det…
I personally use a combination of both, my most visited sites use a custom theme and the rest ist dankend by the extension.

Please get the chrome team to work on the white flashes between page loads! productforums.google.com/forum…

*** Visual Studio fix:
If you need to fix syntax highlighting for visual studio, follow this: baba.yhaohao.com/questions/160…

If you share/post about this, please link to this site!

## Donations:
## BTC: 16rcdS1fzkcQfoGA5MwiJ9wVFApU2ExHyL
## ETH: 0xE5114F9266AE7690b167742b979cf7570F2df0fA
## Thanks!
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wonderful theme but I agree on needing the lock screen choice enabled.  I like a bit of customizing more than it offers now.  Still thanks
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Grover Pro is crashing with theme theme activated, but it works perfectly fine without the theme
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Check if the same problem with the default high contrast theme, it is a bug with their software in any way. The theme can not crash apps, this is the first program that I heard of which could crash because of high contrast themes, contact their support.
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Does it require to switch the Windows into the dark mode by modifying its registry?
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You don't need to do anything at all, just select this theme, if you don't like it switch back.
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How can i change it back?
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Just select one of the default themes.
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Hi, I tried this and it's awesome (I prefer this over the newer version, although I prefer a combination of both which is black BG and high contrast).

I would like to ask if this theme really disables the Lock Screen options in Settings to not enable you to change the picture (and lock screen itself is solid dark gray for me) or it is just me. Thanks.
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DarkSarulHobbyist Interface Designer
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Fuckin love it, great work
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I tried changing this:

To make the icon border Dark:
[Control Panel\Colors]
ButtonText=18 18 18

But like the code says, it made button text unreadable. Is there any other way to get rid of the white border? It's kind of annoying with my custom QuickLaunch.
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Any way to prevent it from making a browser go all-black? I mean the Websites with that.
Using edge atm, im kinda fine with it so not really interested in switching but as you know it hasnt got any addon Support.
Thank you
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I had the same problem, the answer is above...
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How can I change the taskbar icon border color? Does it correspond to a field in [Control Panel\Colors] if so, which one? Also the background of text in store icons looks weird :( i.imgur.com/52Kjvzf.png
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Unfortunately the border color gets reused from a text color... If you stumble upon a solution please tell me.
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I am fine with that could you just tell me which field in the .theme file is being used for the border & text color? I think I tried all fields with > 200 values in the RGB code in [Control Panel\Colors].
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To make the icon border Dark:
[Control Panel\Colors]

ButtonText=18 18 18
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Thanks, must have missed or not noticed that one!
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This just might make me commit to Windows 10 finally. Nice customization of the default theme very user friendly and simplistic.
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Just installed this! Nice variation of the high-contrast theme. I love the color combination, and very simple, that's a plus. White borders are OK (they could be light-grey also, or a faded light blue?). This is a very cool and useful theme.
However, it must be used with caution. High-contrasts are tricky, they simplify a lot, it has simplified webpages to the point that many things and images are not visible. In certain cases that is useful, for instance when you visit familiar websites (devianart, facebook, twitter, etc) and you know what's going on. But generally it confuses you, you have to know what is there. For example, I wanted to edit this post and I could't see the edit tool.
I had made a theme like that using similar colors for Windows XP. It's still here. However, if I remember correctly, I modified the "Classic Windows Theme" and not one of the black high contrasts. That way I didn't had all the simplifications regarding images. I used white window content with grey font because I was writing and printing docs, if the text was black it was invisible in certain dark areas. It was my default theme, I didn't change it until the next Windows.
I would like to make my WinXP version for Win10, but I have no idea how post-WinXP themes work. Is it possible to make a theme like yours but without the simplifications/limitations of the high-contrast theme regarding images?
Thank you for sharing your theme! Sorry for the big comment!!
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For the problems with your browser (guessing firefox, because chrome lets you choose):
Go to Settings -> Content -> Colors -> Set selected colors instead of the pages to "never".

Then get an add-on like "stylish" which lets you set individually themes for sites, i.e:
Dark YouTube Nights
Darker Google
facebook - dark-facebook 2 [a dark facebook theme]
GitHub Dark
Google Plus - Dark Style
IMDb.com - Nightmode
Kickass Torrents - Clean Dark
Soundcloud.com - Nightmode
Wikipedia "Hitchhiker"

If you have reddit enhancement suite just enable dark mode.

I haven't had any problems with other program , if I find any I will try to fix them, even if it will look less appealing. Unfortunately the theme settings for windows are _very_ limited.

Glad you enjoy the theme.
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