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GreyEveTheme - Windows 10 / 11 High Contrast Theme

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--------> I moved the theme to here <---------
(For newer versions of Windows)


This theme can be used without system modifications! just download and double click the theme file.


This is the best I can do with the default Microsoft theming engine, if you don't like something, it is likely because of those limitations.
This is built upon their High Contrast theme, so be aware that some programs might look different. If you don't like it just select the Windows default theme and everything will be reverted.

If you don't trust a zip download (it only has 700 byte and I am a nice guy) you can just create your own theme file and copy this text I created into it.

Personal recommendations and fixes:
        First go to Preferences -> Color and Appearance -> Colors -> In the drop down menu, select "Never".
        Install DarkReader to make websites dark, also install ShadowFox to Theme Firefox Dark on every page!

        Install this theme.
        Make all websites Dark with Dark Reader extension (set a hotkey to toggle on/off for sites).
        To change styles of your most visited sites use the Stylus extension. Here is a list of good dark themes, for popular sites.
        I use this extension to make the scroll bars dark.

    Visual Studio fix:
        Visual Studio will switch to the High Contrast theme and remove syntax highlighting. Fortunately this can be fixed, I created a small guide here.

        This program reduces the color temperature of you monitor at night, blue/white light can cause headaches, stress and bad sleep.
        Download f.lux and set it to a value comfortable to you, I personally use 3200K.
        It might look strange to you at first, but try using it for 10 minutes at night, then turn it off to see how uncomfortable it is without.


If you like this theme please favorite/share it and leave a comment! Makes my work worth it!

Maybe consider being the first to donate a small amount, this post/theme/lists take time to create and I don't host on AdSpammed/FileHosting/malware sites like most other people!
BTC: bc1q7e332x640c7jqul3tv6p324pxvgsu4m2ksaedz
ETH: 0xF28bd5071E100EC20D352C08A8ab928b42A6c04d

If you share or post this theme anywhere, please add a Link to this original site! Be fair!

Have fun on the dark side!
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Hello can you make this theme in Gray ? See my page I made some theme for XP and 7 in smooth gray. I have now to convert them to this windows 10 nightmare. I hate W10 so mutch ugly and fat OS. I will try W11...