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Blue Space Collage Montage Wallpaper Background



Created March 21, 2005

Blue Space Collage Montage Wallpaper Background

This montage was created by us entirely using Photoshop.
* The sky and moon were created from scratch using various photoshop effects including lighting effects, brush tool, and gaussian blur.
* The light between the sky and water was created using a semi-transparent flat color above the sky layers but below the water layers.
* The background cliffs were created using a cliff face resized very small and duplicated many times at various heights; and then various effect to look even.
* The blue water base was created using a flat ocean water scene and then using various effects and removing colors so it is a cool blue color.
* The rocks are mostly a single rock duplicated and resized to various sizes and mirrored for each side of the center. Clone Stamp and other effects were used to make the same rock look slightly different.
* Then the brush tool was used with the color black and set to 'darken' mode, to blend in the rocks to the background and create the illusion of moonlight.
* Lastly, the center water effect was used by transposing a wave ocean background behind.
* There are a total of 87 photoshop layers used to create this montage.

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Super beautiful