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I've worked on some very cool projects in the last years; Halo and Maze Runner to mention a few! Did you see Maze Runner? Personally I thought it was better than I imagine it was going to be. When working in VFX on a high profile movie, you don't really get a sense of what the movie is about; you have your little part to play in the process and you have a very small window to see through, so for the best part of 12 months you find yourself making a lot of guesses. But in this case it was better than expected. Halo was a great project to work on, I can possibly say this was the coolest project i've worked on! I created around 30 extremely diverse digital paintings featuring wide cityscapes, space battles, worlds being destroyed! It was a blast!

I've recently begun to focus on creating tutorials. Though to be honest I'm a little blind for where I should focus my attention. I've created a few that you can see over on Youtube:  

Please check out my blog too!

Happy painting! :)
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I started to add stock photos to my Deviant art collection! God only know's why I haven't done this before given I take thousands of stock picks every week for work! lol Mostly environment stuff, given this is what I use for work :)

Stock photos I uploaded today include:

- Vancouver city shots taken from high rise
- Seattle shots taken from the Needle over looking the city
- Mountains shots with trees, snow and .. mountains!
- Faerie environments, close up shots of forest floor
- Vancouver city night, taken from high rise

So lots of pics taken from high up!

Take a look at my blog if you get a chance too:

On a side note, feel free to get in touch, ask questions or advice, i'm always glad to speak with other artists! 

Thanks! :)

If you would like to message me, you can via DA messaging system, however I find this very confusing; but will them eventually. If you message me by email then I will likely get back to you within a few hours!
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Realising that i've lacked any real sketches in this portfolio i've put up a few recent sketches i did. I've also put together a vimeo page with a few drawing demonstration videos. Click here to view that:

Also don't forget to check out my website at: (currently down :/ be back up in a few days!! (Jan 2013) For now check out my blog at:

Be sure to check out my matte painting and concept art reels over at vimeo! :) link here>>

Also on IMDB;

Dave out!
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Hey people!

I'm currently putting together a new website, and quite excited about it too! :) You can take a look here:

Very much in progress at the moment, apologies for the dead links, random pages  that dont make sense etc.. at the moment i'm literally updating every few hours. So hopefully soon it will be good to be official :)

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Current and recent work includes matte painting and texture work on Avatar, Where the Wild Things Are, Clash of the Titans and Me and Orson Welles.
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I've just uploaded a few samples of personal work i created last year.
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"i cant afford to live, so i sure can't afford to die!" ..
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Well recently i've gone all ... CHIHUAHUA!! :) not sure why .. anyway, after two days i've roughed in a basic form:…

Let me know you think :)
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Given yesterdays dire despair over not having any ideas ... well today the tap broke loose and seems i have too many ideas!!!

I started this morning making a book ( so cool), then in the afternoon i had this amazing idea about making a chihuahua (yes, agreed that seems very bizarre in retrospect) and now i'm making a website for a friend .. and they don't know they have one .. yet :)

and now i is off shopping.

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Howdy .. i'm feeling cowboy'eeee today :) ..or cowboy'Y ..cowboyi?? hmmm ..cowwwwieee ..ummm.

Feeling a little blank with ideas recently. I came back home last month from working away, feeling all creative and ready to get down with some personal work, buuuutttt .. four weeks later .. and i still can't think of anything .. i'm soooooooooooooo in need of something ...

Any creative ideas?? anyone?? you ... yes you .. you look creative, you must have ONE idea you can part with :)
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Wow, didn't know there was a journal :) anyway ... to add to this i just realised there's none of my photography work on here ... so i've just added a few photo pics ..

There's a few from York races 2007, i was an event photographer for the season. Pretty fun and very glam :)

A few cool panoramics, race pics, family, friends, and a strange skull with a mysterious tale!!!

Be cool ;)

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