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Entering Valhalla


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Free - Spook House in a Bottle


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Photo Challenge - Landscapes

The winners of the Landscape Photo Challenge are in! Check out these landscapes selected by Bryan Minear, our guest photographer and judge, and congratulations to our winners! #PhotoChallengeLandscapes View EntriesOfficial RulesFAQ13+ International We asked artists to capture landscapes using the rule of thirds for a chance to win over $2,000 USD in prizes, including a brand-new Fujifilm X-T3 Camera! This contest ended on February 25, 2020. PhotoFinish! Five amazing landscapes have been chosen by guest judge and photographer, Bryan Minear! Congratulations to our first place winner, second place winner, and our third place runners up! Than


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Udderly Pure Lamb


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Modern Prince and Princess (Finished)


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Welcome to my world

AftonProduction's Art

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No suprises

Kevron2001's Art

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Scream Boo-tique 1

autumnrose83's art

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Kvacm's Art

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Skadi, the City of Rivers

Art By SeekHim

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Sky Light


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Night lights

Ellysiumn's Art

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The Atom Of Existence

MoodyBlue's Art

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Forgotten Vale III - Skyrim

WatchTheSkiies' Art

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Call of Duty: Miami Heat (Concept/Wallpaper)

FearOfTheBlackWolf's Art

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The Two Towers by Jerry Vanderstelt

Spirit-Of-Adventure's Art

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Amanda Seyfried

TristanHartup's Art

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#2687. Social Hisstancing - Word Play

Cryptid-Creations Art

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Glitter Brain F2U

Nerdy-pixel-girl's Art

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Infinity Reality Stone By Satan Boyy

MrWonderWorks' Art

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Ghost Adventures XIX

tr4br's Art

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Freddy Krueger Banniere

Anthony258's Art

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:CM:Coffee Shop

Elle-Rei's Art

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Flag Icons

Deleket's Art

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Disney and Horror Villains

NightmareBear87's Art

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The park - visual novel BG

Background Scenes

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Flag for a Constitutional Kingdom of France

Nations, Flags And Languages

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Visa 2014 Acceptance Mark - My Version

Logo Folder

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Tyler Name Poem

Name Poems

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Leo OC - 12 Zodiac Ladies


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ID ZenOasis

Deviantart Licences Etc.

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Redemption Title Screen II


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Merry Christmas, Batsy-Fey...

Doll or Character Creation Site Stuff

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Exotic Butters Name Generator!

Birthday Match Games

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Thor/Avengers OC

Celeste Fridr Layrette Character Profile: Celeste Fridr Layrette Thor/ Avengers OC ------ Basics------ Full Name:  Celeste Fridr Layrette - Nick Name: Miss/Mistress - Race: Asgardian - Age: a little over 1,000; looks in the 20's (Do not age fast in mythology) - Gender: Female - Occupation: Goddess of the Celestias - Blood Type: Blood type A Traits of Blood Type : Best traits: Earnest, creative, sensible, reserved, patient, responsible Worst traits Fastidious, over earnest, stubborn, tense ------Appearance------ Height/Weight: Height: 5' 11" Weight: 345 pounds (In mythology, some gods and goddesses appear to be sli

Other People's OC's Etc.

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Tattletail fan button

BUTTONS And Emblems

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Halloween / Dia de Muertos - Animation


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Retro Sci-Fi| Text-Effects | TemplatePackage


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Heroes Glitch


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The Witness in Shadows


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Daddy's Chicken Barn (E-Novel, Horror!)

Horror Stories Etc.

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Eclipse How-To: Browsing and Searching the Site

One of the areas I've heard a lot of complaints about since the switchover to Eclipse has been the search function, and general browsing on the site outside of people's profiles.  While it's true things are very different than they were before, I'm not really that bothered.  In fact...to be honest, some of the very nitpicky divisions in the Literature categories in particular used to drive me up the wall, especially when I would submit poetry or essays and had absolutely no idea how to categorize them and just had to cross my finger and hope I didn't get reported for a miscategorization.  (It never happened, but still, I used to worry it woul


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FNAF OC Help Guide By StarEmber [Update June 2018]

Updated: June 2018 This is going to be the last update I make on this journal. I was going to originally delete this, but found some people still use this guide. I fixed all the broken links and added in some more example pictures. Thank you for taking the time in reading it and hope it still helps some people in the future. Introduction. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. I see all the Bad FNAF OC blogs, I see all the 'information' regarding what you should not do, rather than what you should. This might not be the best out there but I wanted to at least try and see if this will help anyone who is trying to make a FNAF OC

Templates And Writing Help 1

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Blank Bio Sheet Fruits Basket

BASIC INFORMATION Name: Nickname(s): Age: Gender/Sex: Sexuality: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Ethnicity/Species: Occupation/Job: APPEARANCE Height: Weight: Body Type: Skin Tone: Facial Shape: Eye Color: Hair Style: Tattoos/Piercings/Scars?: Dress: Accessories: ATTITUDE Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Greatest Fear/Phobia: RELATIONSHIPS Parents: Siblings?: Other Relatives: Friends: Best friend: Significant Other/Crush: Enemies/Rivals: Pets: ACADEMIC INFORMATION School: Class Year: clubs: LIFE Strengths: Weaknesses: Hobbies: Habits: Health: {if your character is cursed by the zodiac fill out the following information, if not, delete it all} Which zodiac are they cursed by {chinese, native american, celtic, ect.}: Zodiac Animal: BACKSTORY:

Templates And Writing Help 2

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Biblical Names of GOD:YAHWEH

                                                                             THE LORD GOD Name                              

Biblical Names

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Female Greek Names

Acantha                Thorn Acaste                  Quiet Actaea                 Seashore Acte                   Corn, Meal   Adrasteia              Undaunted, Does not run away Adrestia               Dispense Aedon                 Nightingale Aega                   Industrious Aegea                 Wavy sea Aegina                 Life Aegle                  Dazzling light, Brilliant Aella                   Storm swift, Whirlwind Aello                   Storm swift, Whirlwind Aete                    Mighty, Eagle Aetheria               Bright sky Aerthia                Inactive Aethra                 Bright sky Agamede             Very cun

Names In General

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How To Horror: Serial killers

How to Horror:Serial killers Disclamer Any copyrighted content used in this review is  used under the "Fair Use" law for commentary and Criticism. The following is simply a louse suggest on how to use horror themes and is by no way a guide line which must be followed at all costs, there are always variables! Introduction welp, it's 11pm at night, i'm tiered as fuck and have stuff to do in the morning but i'm starting this shit now! Why, well, i just feel like it. After talking this topic over with some friends we've found that the whole notion of "Serial Killers" is a trope that's often badly used to the point it breaks an OC. Without more

How To Write Horror

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The Tickle Challenge

Jazmín grinned to herself as she finally walked onto the set of The Tickle Challenge. 'This is the best day ever!' she exclaimed, heedless of the other contestants who were around to hear her. Isabella, a petite, blonde-haired blue-eyed girl who was one of Jazmín's fellow contestants, smiled. 'It is incredible that we're here, isn't it?' she asked, looking equally excited as Jazmín. 'Just so you know, I'll be trying to win. But good luck!' 'You too,' Jazmín said, smirking slightly. There was no way she was going to lose tonight. The Tickle Challenge was a newer gameshow that was streamed weekly online, and it had already


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