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Kingkiller Chronicle-Felurian 3 by Jaz-Merigold Kingkiller Chronicle-Felurian 3 :iconjaz-merigold:Jaz-Merigold 2 0 Kingkiller Chronicle-Mola 3 by Jaz-Merigold Kingkiller Chronicle-Mola 3 :iconjaz-merigold:Jaz-Merigold 1 0 Kingkiller Chronicle-Devi 3 by Jaz-Merigold Kingkiller Chronicle-Devi 3 :iconjaz-merigold:Jaz-Merigold 2 0 Kingkiller Chronicle-Fela 3 by Jaz-Merigold Kingkiller Chronicle-Fela 3 :iconjaz-merigold:Jaz-Merigold 3 0 Kingkiller Chronicle-Denna 3 by Jaz-Merigold Kingkiller Chronicle-Denna 3 :iconjaz-merigold:Jaz-Merigold 2 0 Kingkiller Chronicle-Auri 3 by Jaz-Merigold Kingkiller Chronicle-Auri 3 :iconjaz-merigold:Jaz-Merigold 3 0
Star Wars Zei loves tickling
Shadow was definitely doing this out of pleasure. He place the Imperial girl in the stocks as the three girls were giggling.
"Have at it." Shadow finishes leaving the room. Zei was tied up staring fiercely at all of them.
"What," Belle notice Shadow's sudden departure, "You're not going to get at her like you did with us-"
"The majority." X said referring to the time Shadow didn't actually do that to her. Belle just sticks her tongue as Shadow just scoff, "You girls don't want a guy to ruin your fun."
"Hell no." C.C said watching their master leave. Shadow just sigh heading towards the front of his ship. He had no time to play around… and getting attached to them will only make it harder for him to lose them. The three girls giggle as X starts it off.
"What is going on with the Emperor?"
"I have no clue!" yells Zei. She was in her bra and panties showing no signs of actually telling them. Her feet were in metal stocks as her arms were stretched above her. The girls just nod at one
:icondeathblackshadoz:DeathBlackShadoz 7 0
Mature content
Dungeon of the Forgotten :iconlaughingcrusader-09:LaughingCrusader-09 13 1
Fnaf oc short character sheet
(I wanted to do one of these, so feel free to use!)
Role in pizzaria:
Years of service (age):
Body shape/ Build:
Fur colour (s):
Eye colour:
Programmed personality:
Programmed gender:
On a scale of 1 to 5, how aggressive is your oc?:
If they have a Toy design, what does it look like?:
Route of restaurant (to get to the office):
Audio cues (if any):
Death/attack screen:
Extra info:
:iconlilly8780:Lilly8780 2 0
Fnaf oc bio template
Please don't post bios in the comments! Instead, link me to it if you use it, ill be happy to give it a look/favourite.
~ B A S I C S ~
Animatronic or human?:
Years of service (age):
Programmed personality:
Programed gender:
Are they inspired from a Canon animatronic?:
Are they in a relationship?:
Intelligence level (on a scale of 1-5)
Aggression level (on a scale of 1-5):
Role in pizzaria:
Do they have a dead child inside of them, or are they possessed?:
Have they ever killed someone?:
If they have, how?:
Are they in service or broken down?:
~ A P P E A R E N C E ~
Fur colour (s):
Eye colour:
Toy design:
Do they have sharp teeth?:
Do they have claws?:
Do they have yellow patches, dirty fur, or ripped off fur?:
Condition (if they're withered, describe how):
If you have a link to a ref of your character, put it under this:
~ O T H E R   I M P O R T A N T   I N F O ~
Route of restaurant:
Audio cues:
Do they have any special abilities?:
Do th
:iconlilly8780:Lilly8780 13 0
Blank creepypasta oc bio template
Okay, so here's a quick creepypasta oc bio sheet I made for fun. Feel free to use it, but please link back to this. Also, please show me the finished result, I'd love tolook at your character, but please don't post full bio's in the comments, just link them. Also feel free to add to this.
Full name:
Creepypasta name:
How they got this name:
Case name (if they have one):
Sexual orientation:
Relationship status:
Country of origin:
Languages spoken:
Skin colour:
Face shape:
Hair colour:
Hair style:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Eye shape:
Body figure:
Weapons, killing and abilities
Main weapon:
Backup weapon:
Method of killing:
Reason for killing:
Relationships and family
Full name:
Dead or alive (If dead, wha
:iconlilly8780:Lilly8780 30 23
Don't hug me I'm scared fanfiction tickle time!
One day after getting taught about how to be healthy in the kitchen The yellow guy was in his bedroom crying because his friends The red guy and The duck left and The yellow guy didn't know where they went and he was just completely depressed about it and very worried that they might be dead also Tony saw how sad he was at first and he didn't even ask what was wrong he thought The yellow guy would get over it on the next day but three weeks later he was still crying and now Tony was really worried about him this time but he had no idea how to cheer him up but he had to do something because even though he would do anything to put down his students he still cared about them and so he walked in The Yellow Guy's room and he wasn't looking too good he was crying while watching the rain on the inside of his room (Tony)"what's wrong?" He asked not happily to see The Yellow Guy sad (The Yellow Guy)"what? Nothing's wrong! So just fuck off leave me alone Tony" he quickly said pointing to the doo
:iconcaitlincoy:CaitlinCoy 4 0
The Lorax tickle fanfiction
One day at the forest things where okay now the once-ler stopped knocking over the trees and the Lorax and the once-ler were friends and everything was great, well almost great because Audrey cheated on Ted and it broke his heart so anyway let's see what will happen.... "Hey Lorax did you know that I invited Ted to come here to play Go Fish with us?" The once -ler smiled leaving The Lorax confused "who's Ted?" The Lorax asked "oh Ted is the little boy that still cared about trees and saved our world" the Once-ler told him and then Ted finally showed up at the forest looking sad "hi Ted, why do you look so sad?" The once-ler asked "oh it's just that Audrey cheated on me" he sighed "is there anything we can help you with?" The Lorax asked "no, I don't think anything can cheer me up this time" Ted said looking down at the floor "oh really? Nothing?" The Once-ler asked evilly "No" Ted said sadly but then suspicion entered his
brain "why?!" he asked nervously "oh nothing it's just that I th
:iconcaitlincoy:CaitlinCoy 6 0
note of do cake 1 by ailgara note of do cake 1 :iconailgara:ailgara 7 2 note of do cake 2 by ailgara note of do cake 2 :iconailgara:ailgara 6 0
Beast Boy Tickle Tortures Raven M/F
"Oh come on!" Beast Boy whined, dragging his feet along the ground of the Teen Titans HQ. Raven staunchly kept her back towards the green-skinned hero, clearly sighing under her purple cowl.
"For the last time Beast Boy, I don't want to hear your stupid joke," Raven snapped, to which Beast Boy quickly lit up.
"But it's not a joke! I just know a way that can make you laugh!" Beast Boy exclaimed, to which Raven scoffed and sat on the couch of the lounge room of the Titans HQ.
"I don't even wanna know." Raven coldly remarked, plopping her feet up on a nearby footrest. 
"Perfect! You're already in place!" Beast Boy grinned, and to Raven's surprise, leaped onto her legs, trapping her boots in place.
Raven was lost for words at that moment, Beast Boy turning around and shooting a wide grin. "Don't make me send you to another dimension!" Raven threatened, to which Beast Boy chuckled to himself.
"Don't worry, it'll be fun and maybe it'll make you less cranky!" Beast Boy replied.
"What did
:icondoctorgroan:Doctorgroan 8 3

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Is anyone else having trouble accessing youtube? Every time I try to play something I get "quicktime can't open this because it's damaged or incompatible" message. 
How is everyone doing?
Other than the weather being a little too hot I'm doing okay.
To those who have uploaded name poems: how do you do it? I just tried to and it's not working. Do I need a specific kind of program?


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