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Welcome To The Ever After High Fandom:D

Here are a few rules before you join the club:
1. Everyone can join.
2. Mature content is accepted.
3. Other fanart of characters like Apple White, Madeline Hatter, and Briar Beauty, etc...are allowed. Also, make sure you post them in Fan Ocs.
4. Do not flame or troll! Please, be nice to others. If anyone is being rude, disrespectful, hypocritical, or anything negative, you are kicked out! No exceptions! :police:
5. No copying other drawings or getting them steal. Please ask me before you draw one of my oc characters. Also, don't not use rainbow colored skin of your oc. Like blue, red, or green. Unless if it is an canon only then that will be fine:)
6. Fanfiction/Stamps are allowed as well.
7. Create your very ocs, If you want my ocs with your ocs, please ask me first so I can decide:) You can also use bases or anime games as long as it is inappropriate.
8. No cyberbullying! Because it really hurts for others.
9. No Disney Descendants with Ever After High. Because I say they will be in Monster High if you join my other group:)
10. Have fun:D

Now, many of you may be wondering how to make your own Ever After High OCs and how to post them here. Welcome to our fabulous group of tutorials, which I will teach you how!

Decide on a Fairy Tale
Decide on a Fairytale or on a Story. You need to decide on who your OC is going to be the child of. Some examples of fairytales or children books characters are can be found on Google. Search for illustrate children's books or fairytales only.

Of course, you don't need to go out and find the most obscure story you know – you can always start with something that you do know!

List of Story Books
Due to debates and confusions involved with the kind of stories we accept in the wikia, here is a list of rules to guide you in picking a fairytale:

Fairytales, Children's Illustration Books. Fables, Tall Tales, Nursery rhymes and Certain Legends are accepted.
Ballets are acceptable if they contain a fairytale element – such as talking animals, magic or royalty.
Characters sharing the same destiny as a canon character, if the story is not a separate variant, are unacceptable. This only exception is when your character was made before the canon one.
Fairytale parents must come from proper acceptable stories only. No adaptations, like Disney or Barbie.
Children's Illustration Books MUST BE child friendly and it should NOT be inappropriate
For a more detailed explanation, please check out the Original Character Guidelines!

If you're still confused, please contact me on notes only.

Think of a Name
Deciding on a name can be tough sometimes. Names in Ever After High are normally punny (Haley PurpleCrayon, Denise Dutchlace, Daniel Kean etc.) and/or relate to their parent and/or story. For example, you wouldn't name the son of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast David Smith. Be creative with names!

Name Generators and Tips
Seventh Sanctum has some useful name generators.
Behind the Name is a classic.
Don't forget to relate it to the fairytale, children's book, either with motifs, symbols or themes.
Outline your OC
Think of the basics for your OC! This might help you get an idea of the direction you want to take your character in.

A Basic Plan For Ever After High
What fairy tale are you from?
What gender are you?
What pronouns do you use?
What will be your destiny?
Are you happy with this?
What has happened in your life?
How did this affect you?
What do you look like?
Are you a royal, a rebel, or a roybel? You like what you are?
Did you ever wished for your destiny to change?
Develop on your OC
OC's aren't really that original without a personality. That's really what makes them OC's. Thinking of traits such as shy, sporty, lazy etc. is a good start with this as you can build on these traits and explain them. Making your characters personality reference their story is also a smart move.

Creating a Well-Rounded Personality
People all have different sorts of traits! Some traits might be positive – they affect a person in good ways! Others might be negative – they affect people in bad ways.
Everyone is a mix of positive and negative traits, and likewise, so should original characters!
More To Be Added When I'm Not Tired
The Deal With Negative Traits
Exploitable flaws are IMPORTANT.

Some exploitable flaws are quick-tempered, arrogant and intolerant!

There are many more, and all should affect the OC in bad or unpleasant situations.
Why do we need exploitable flaws?

The most well-written characters are the ones that feel real.
Real humans have flaws, real humans suffer from these flaws.
Therefore, flaws can help build a realistic character.
Arting your OC
One of the many ways you bring your OC to life is by having a drawing of them!

Ever After High style is not necessary for your OC art, but you might like to envision them in the EAH style!
The clothing in EAH have quite a unique look! It is recommended to inspire your OCs' outfits by following the EAH aesthetic.
Outfits can relate to your OCs' fairytale heritage! For example, Blondie Lockes uses key and bear motifs.
Of course, we understand that some people can't draw, and some people don't have the money to pay people into drawing for them. That's fine! You don't need art to make an awesome OC page!

Just please be careful of drawing your character, you do not wanted to look like a monster high character. Won't you. so PLEASE make a little bit more human.

Start Your Journey has a detailed guide, but here are the basics.

How Your Character is Portrayed
While you are allowed to write your OC as prejudiced, we do not allow OCs to be used as a voicebox for discrimination. Any marginalising remarks should be condemned in narrative, and no discriminating language or phrases should be used on OC pages (when not as quotations or examples of OC behaviour / thoughts / beliefs).

That said, please do not make OCs that are discriminating stereotypes, whether it be for race, gender, sexuality and et cetera.

Categoriation and Organisation
Please refer to Getting Started: Categories for an explanation on how to correctly label your OCs' pages.

In Regards to Art
All art posted on Devianart should be art that belongs to you, art that is specifically drawn for you (ie, art obtained through requests, art trades or commissions), or art that is in the public domain.

Pictures from dollmakers and recolors are not acceptable anywhere on the Wikia.

Base art, defined here as “art made from a base traced from non-original art”, is acceptable but only if you can draw by freehand.

Do not make a character with a different colored skin from the book. It should be to same skin color from the book.
For an example. Haley PurpleCrayon is the daughter of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Her skin matches like her father's. It must match your oc's parent.

Please use some stories that have not been used for ocs.
It is much better if you can search for storybooks that was not used yet to make into a character.
Here are some link examples of stories that are not been used yet. You may choose one of these books to create your very own character.………………

When you are done with your character, please send me a link into my notes. I will make sure if you oc looks exactly what my rules say to do. If I said be change it, you change it right away. If you don't change it that I'll ready said, then you MUST deleted it right away. And if you don't throw it away, then you WILL BE KICKED OUT in my group.

Just because I said you can create your oc, doesn't mean it CAN NOT look like a Monster High Character.

Overall, I hope you FOLLOW MY RULES. Because it is important to FOLLOW MY RULES in order if creating your character.

Have fun and behave yourself:)

Group Info

Are you a BIG Fan of Ever After High? Well if you are, then join my new club called the EverAfterHighFandom:D Create your very own EAH Character. It can be a Royal, a Rebel, even an Roybel:D SO PLEASE JOIN MY NEW EVER AFTER HIGH CLUB:D

Ever After High
Choose your own Destiny:)
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