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Just giving a quick update that we are indeed working on a buffer at the moment, I felt it was important to do so we do not have anymore hiatus issues like we had been having.
: ) If you want more frequent updates (and noise from us) We post often to our FB and twitter feeds. <3 See you there! You can find all of our social links on the website!
Thank you for your patience and understanding while we (and by we I mean I) get our shit together ; )

- Kit
Just letting everyone know we updated last Friday~  We update every Wednesday and Friday now!
It's begun! Start here:…

Update schedule is Wednesdays and Fridays :)
Hey guys! As the title states, we're prepping for the start of Chapter 2! This should take a couple weeks or so, just to warn you. We'll be getting pages done, doing a bit of site work and getting as far ahead as possible before we start updating :)

3:33 has officially finished and we are stoked to continue with Aila's story, and subsequently, the people around her as well <3 You will get to see a few old faces and quite a few new ones! We're very excited for this and we hope you are too!

For ease, here are links to the beginning of each part we've done :)

The prologue:…
Chapter 1:…

And just a reminder for you all, we aren't currently running any advertising at the moment, you lot are all we've got, so spread the comic around!
We appreciate and love any word-of-mouth advertising you give Ever Night, it really does mean the world to us <3

'Til next time, adios! See you soon for another update!
Just a quick heads up:

This is our final week of 3:33!!! *Throws confetti* We are both excited and hope you all are too! This has been a fun and awesome short story and we hope you've all enjoyed it as much as we have!
But because we only have 4 updates left (that's right, only 4) We will be finishing up on Valentines day.
This means of course that there will be NO update today!

Following the end of 3:33 we will be making another announcement as to when Chapter 2 of Ever Night will officially be starting, so stay tuned!

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