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Roda Z's Vellany - Wallpaper (EVE) by Roda11
EVE Online: Nemesis by Gentaro-de-Averial
EVE Online: Dramiel by Gentaro-de-Averial
EVE online: Tengu by Fenrirsha
Screen shots
Roda Z's Vellany - Wallpaper2 (EVE) by Roda11
St.Z Works__EVE Suns - Wallpaper by Roda11
EVE Online - M8 what're ya doin' sthawp by Kopakapat
EVE Online - Nullsec sights: Bubble orgy on a gate by Kopakapat
Original Art
combat foxtopus by gary2003
Foxtopus Coalition by gary2003
Fluffy Tail And Tentacles by gary2003
Eve Online: Do You Remember Love? by keramatzmode
Ship re-skins
EVE Online - Portrait by Callyste
EVE Online - Portrait by Callyste
EVE Online - Portrait by Callyste
EVE Online - Portrait by Callyste
3D Original and concept ships
yay or nay? by DoubleD132
Eve Boat Mk 2 by DoubleD132
Gallente Station by VanKaiser
EVE small Ship by VanKaiser


Jump Malfunction by seccentral Jump Malfunction :iconseccentral:seccentral 11 3 Another Pilgrim screenshot by shadowace007 Another Pilgrim screenshot :iconshadowace007:shadowace007 1 1 Some Ratting by shadowace007 Some Ratting :iconshadowace007:shadowace007 1 0
EVE Online book cover art: Accepting submissions!
At Packt Publishing we're due to publish the first ever, completely unofficial, EVE Online ISK Strategy Guide in October! Written by a veteran EVE Online player, the book sets out to give you the knowledge you need to earn big money, fast. The EVE economy is inextricably tied to success in the game, thus our book will help accelerate the success of players at any stage of their development.
Here's where you come in: We need an awesome cover image for the book. It needs to be your own work, copyright owned by you, but can be on any theme to do with EVE Online.
HOW TO ENTER: Please comment here with a link to the image or images you wish to submit.
GUIDELINES: Check out the recent cover designed by Crytek concept artist Denise Karunungan as an example of how an image fits on our book covers. Aspect ratio of 3 wide x 2 high will do fine.
WHAT DO I GET?: The prestige of seeing your art on the cover of a major title, $
:iconpacktexplorer:PacktExplorer 0 2
EVE MOVIE by VanKaiser EVE MOVIE :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 3 0 Eve Online Xi-Lung by Ondoval Eve Online Xi-Lung :iconondoval:Ondoval 18 0 Minmatar Lander Liberator by novafox Minmatar Lander Liberator :iconnovafox:novafox 22 11 EVE Online stamp by pilgrimx EVE Online stamp :iconpilgrimx:pilgrimx 44 13 Eve Online Grunge by StageCall Eve Online Grunge :iconstagecall:StageCall 78 18 Minmatar Tier3 Battelship by VanKaiser Minmatar Tier3 Battelship :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 6 1 Caldri Tier2 Battelship by VanKaiser Caldri Tier2 Battelship :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 10 3 Caldari Tier3 Battelship by VanKaiser Caldari Tier3 Battelship :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 11 1 Minmatar Battelship Tier1 by VanKaiser Minmatar Battelship Tier1 :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 2 0 Jump Frighter 2008 by VanKaiser Jump Frighter 2008 :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 4 0 NEW Minmatar Bomber Beta by VanKaiser NEW Minmatar Bomber Beta :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 14 0 EVE Battleship Spec red by VanKaiser EVE Battleship Spec red :iconvankaiser:VanKaiser 27 5
Hey peoples sorry ive been "AFK" so much. got a prego wifies and a 2 year old son running round the house lol.

How is every one lately ?
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My prezent to me))I Love them!
Rifter real model, printed in 3D printer :)
If you want it too - this guys made me at #Eveonline #eve #rifter #games #gambody #3dprinting

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Greetings from EVE-OUTTAKES :D
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Question. Would you allow members of this group to submit Dust 514 fan-fiction?
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not the greatest icon for your group... looks like two dicks
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Well, the Armageddon actually works just like one, forcing its way into other ships in a total ownage.
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Hi everyone!!
I want to submit these two pictures, but I don´t know how.



Can ypu help me please?
Wonder why no one's thought of solar propellers? We've got the solar sails on the Zephyr, basically a solar propeller would just be like a bank of normal propellers on one axle with solar sails (like the minmatar multi-use panels) that rotates. Then have "normal" engines for warp travel?
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