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:new: The event will be closed for judging on October 30 at 9:00:00 PM PST!
:new: :new: When you are done participating in the event and are ready to submit your Event Tracker, you may do so here: Event Tracker Submissions

The sacred land beyond the Tartok mountains has been off-limits to humankind for many years... Until now! An expedition has been launched and it is up to you and your tokota(s) to discover what has never before been seen. Below will explain how you and your fellow tokota members will unravel the mysteries that is 'the Forbidden Place.'

This journal will serve as the hub for the 2017 Summer Tokotas Event. Here you can find rules, guidelines, and a constantly updating agenda as the event unfolds.


This event will unfold as a series of Episodic releases. Each Episode will have a main event, and various bonus prompts released throughout. Episodes will remain open for participation until the end of the event, at the end of summer. You may participate as much or as little as you'd like! The Episodes will follow a storyline or narrative in which your handler and Tokota(s) will participate.
The story begins with the Prologue below.

Each Episode will be judged with the normal Tier System Scoring, and overall participation in the event will be judged based on your use of narrative plotting and storytelling, called Story Points. You can read more on scoring toward the bottom of this journal.

Your participation begins when you create an Event Tracker Journal to log your progress through this event. All of your submissions for each Episode (Episode's main event, Side Quest(s) and Collection Quest(s)) should be tracked in this journal. You may use the Event Navigation log below as a guide for how to organize your event journal! 'Current' chapters are identified by [square brackets] with the main event in bold.

(Table of Contents)


Letter from the TCA & Registration
Side Quest - Journey to the Tartoks

Episode 1

Reaching The Outpost
Side Quest - Aftermath
Collection Quest

Episode 2

The Lost Valley
Side Quest - New Territory
Collection Quest
Mysterious Crates
Prehistoric Hunting

Episode 3

Side Quest - Chaos
Collection Quest

[ Epilogue ]

(Entirely optional, no points)
:new: End Date: October 30 (9:00:00 PM PST)

Each individual art/literature entry will be submitted individually to the group Events-Of-Tokotna, but to qualify for the Grand Prize at the end of the event, you will submit your journal for judging. Art and literature requirements for any Episode may vary, and will be revealed in each Episode release.

Each Episode will remain open for participation until the very end of the event, however, some side Collection Quests and Side Quests will have Just-In-Time results. That means some entries will be rolled for results shortly after they are submitted. Episodes, Collection Quests and Side Quests will never close before the end of the event. If you decide to join late at the end of the event, you can still submit an entry for Episode 1, 2, etc., but your participation in Collection Quests and Side Quests may be limited simply due to the sheer amount of things to do!

Release dates of each Episode will not be revealed, so make sure you watch Events-Of-Tokotna for updates! New Episode releases will also be announced on the main Tokotas news page.

Prologue: The Forbidden Place

To the native people of Tokotna, that area beyond the mountains had always been known as "the Unknown Place", "the Valley Full of Smoke", even "the Forbidden Place."

Jagged peaks, foreboding boulder-strewn passes, and heavy storm clouds that constantly cloaked the region had always prevented any incursion. Ancestral tribe scouts sent to investigate the area never returned. Attempts to map its boundaries ended in failure, often in death. As far as the tribes could tell, nothing ever entered the mountains. And nothing ever left.

The chieftains of the tribes came together and agreed to keep the mountains secure, keep them safe. Clearly there was something within that did not want to be bothered -- perhaps a great spirit, or a vengeful ghost. As the years passed, this became law and legend.

Scientists charting Tokotna's flora and fauna had always respected these laws and customs. They too knew the toll of the mountains on their expeditions and they were happy to wait for technology to allow them through the frigid passes.

But as the decades passed and the globe warmed, so warmed the mountains... The storm clouds were less fierce. The great sheets of glacial ice began to crack and melt.


It was Chief Thunderfeather who decreed that scouts could be sent to see what was afoot. They returned, ragged and grinning, to report that they had seen beyond the mountains from a cave high on the cliffs during a break in the storm. They had glimpsed huge and ancient redwood trees, steaming thermal pools, great stretches of forest. They had heard strange noises at night. The aurora above them had sparked and danced and when their great Dire tokota mounts howled to Aippaq, someone or something returned their call...

Researchers working with the Tokota Wildlife Conservation Society and the rangers of the Tokotna Cultural Association had been keeping a keen eye on the local tribes, as well as the gradually warming passes. Lead behavioral analyst and veteran genetics clinician, Professor Wilford Mitchell, sent a small team to investigate the main pass. When asked he claimed that between the incursion of poachers and the growing wild tokota population no expeditions had been possible within the Tartok mountain range for years; the new data was badly needed.

When Thunderfeather discovered that Mitchell was also in the area, she rode into his camp, flanked by her sons. Dismounting from their Dires, they accused the research team of infringing on tribe affairs in which they held no business. She and Mitchell -- long-time associates via the TCA's work -- argued long into the night, as they often would when together. Neither party would retreat; neither would back down.

Eventually it became apparent to both sides that they needed one another: the researchers with their data-collecting tools and the tribespeople with their hardened navigational skills and ecological expertise. They agreed it had to be done, together. The secrets of the pass would not last much longer and maybe, in the right hands, they would benefit all.

One last expedition would be sent: to return to the Tartok mountains...

... Will you join them?

A very special letter has arrived for you in the post...

A Letter from the TCA by TokoTime





The trail to the Tartoks is long and rough. How prepared were you? The trail is relatively clear on teams' journeys from the villages and cities, but the closer you get to the mountains the weather worsens.

This Prologue Side Quest is optional and will count as a bonus for the Episode 1 event.


          Depict your handler’s and Tokotas’ long journey to the Tartoks, your set-up at base camp, or meeting your Team leader (Thunderfeather or Mitchell).

    Tack to be depicted: Saddle or Sled at minimum

    Background and Inspiration: [x] [x] [x]

To submit your entry: Submit your entry to the "Prologue" folder in Events-Of-Tokotna. If your entry requires edits to pass, you will receive a comment stating the current issue(s) and you will be asked to resubmit. This will be good practice in following art and literature requirements! Entries for the Prologue Side Quest must follow the rules and requirements listed below:

Prologue Rules and Requirements

  • Both Art and Literature is accepted. For Literature, a minimum of 1200 words is required. All Art entries must be full-body (80% of Tokota showing)
  • Images must be at least 400x400 pixels, colored in. Grayscale art will not be accepted.
  • A handler is required, at least 50% showing. If collaborated, each tokota requires a handler. You cannot use a Starter Tokota in place of a handler.
  • You may NOT commission any entry for this event. Entries must be either collaborated or your own work.
  • A maximum of 3 members can collaborate per image/story (1 Tokota entered for each). Literature pieces (RPs) must have identifiable chunks from each participants, clearly delineated by username.
  • You may not lease a Tokota for this event.
  • This is a Side Quest - it is optional - and will count as a bonus for Episode 1 (when it launches).


Chief Thunderfeather by TokoTime


Access Chief Thunderfeather's private journal for her personal thoughts and to keep up on her Collection Quests throughout the event!

Professor Mitchell by TokoTime


Access Professor Mitchell's private journal for his personal thoughts and to keep up on his Collection Quests throughout the event!


The Summer Event will release multiple Episodes. Episodes will be judged at the end of the Summer Event when you submit your Event Tracker Journal mentioned at the top of this page. Your entry for each Episode will be judged on the main episodic event, with opportunities to accrue bonus points in additional Side Quests and Collection Quests. Your effort and score in one Episode will not affect your score in the next Episode, but your effort will affect your Overall Event score (see next section below.)

Your Episode submissions will largely be judged by a random scoring (on an RNG scale of 1-40) and an effort score judged against your own gallery (1-40).

Each Episode will also be judged using the Tier System. The Tier System uses a Tokota's applicable bonus points from Tack, Companions, Traits, and their Hierarchy combined to place Tokotas into categories, so that they are competing in similarly stacked categories. This levels the playing field between brand-new Tokotas with no Traits and competition-stacked Tokotas.

Tier Bonuses - these bonuses count towards your Tokota's Entry Tier

  • Traits

    Traits applied to your Tokota such as Excellent Conformation, Thick Coat, Waterpoof and others provide bonuses ranging from 5 - 20 points. Some Trait bonus amounts are dependent on Hierarchy status. Non-hereditary Rite of Merit Traits earned by completing your Tokota's Arms of Akna may also apply. You can read more about the Traits and the bonuses they provide on the Non-Physical Traits Guide.

  • Tack

    Tack items that are listed on your Tokota's import such as Competition Tack provide a variety of bonuses. All Tack is craftable, so you can read which Tack items provide what bonuses on the Crafting Price List Guide.

  • Companions

    Certain Companions can provide bonuses for applicable classes. You can read which Companions provide what benefits on the Companion Animals guide.

  • Hierarchy

    Dominant Tokotas earn +10 Tier Bonus points. Alpha Tokotas earn +20 Tier Bonus points. Alpha Tokotas cannot enter Tier 1 even if they have no other bonuses.

Tier 1: 0 - 19 Tier Bonus points
Tier 2: 20 - 39 Tier Bonus points
Tier 3: 40+ Tier Bonus points

Additional Optional Bonuses - these bonuses do not count towards your Tokota's Entry Tier but still add to your overall score for each Episode

  • +10 for correct background per Episodic main event.
  • +10 for a collaborated entry per Episodic main event.
  • +5 for each Side Quest entry from the Episode being judged. (The Prologue Side Quest will count as a bonus for the first Episode.)
  • +5 for one of your Team's Collection Quest prompts, including handler and main toko (must be registered to that Team.)
  • +5 for being registered to a Team.
  • +10 for including one Registered Tokota in your Episodic main event entry (does not stack).
  • +10 for entering the Tokota that you registered (in Episode 1 only) or the Tokota that you used in the previous Episode (beyond Episode 1).
  • -10 for entering a Tokota that you did not register (in Episode 1 only) or a Tokota that you did not use in the previous Episode (beyond Episode 1).
  • Various show items provide additional bonuses. Some items can be purchased from the Trading Post, and others are made by Crafting. Relevant bonus items will be listed in each Episode as they are released.

Episode event entries will be submitted to the group Events-Of-Tokotna. Each Episode and their respective Side and Collection Quests have their own folders which will be linked to upon release of each Episode.

The overall Event will be judged very differently...


Story Points (SP) are points earned via effort and story telling which will be apparent in your Event Tracker Journal mentioned at the top of this page. At the end of the event, you will submit your Event Tracker Journal to be reviewed. Story Point scoring differs from Episode Tier scoring in that traits, tack, and companions do not influence your score, and your score is determined from your entire participation and effort throughout the entire event. Story Points are awarded more subjectively than the Tier/RNG score, influenced by a number of factors which are listed below:

  • Quality Effort: +1 - 40 SP
      Amount of creative effort put into your Episode 'main event' entries overall, compared to your gallery.
  • Side Quests Bonus: +5 SP each
      Any Side Quest bonuses you create. Side Quests are released with or sometimes soon after an Episode release.
  • Collection Quests Bonus: +5 SP per prompt, per Leader
      Each Collection Quest bonus you create for each prompt, dedicated to either leader. Multiple entries for the same prompt and the same leader do not stack. Collection Quests are released with or sometimes soon after an Episode release.
  • Including Handler: +1 - 15 SP
      Handlers are required but the more involved they are in your narrative, the more points you accrue.
  • Leader Bonus: +10 SP
      Include a Team leader in at least one of your entries, regardless of your alignment.
  • Including Registered Tokotas: +5 SP per entry
      >Earned for every piece featuring a full body (80% visible) Registered Tokota not belonging to yourself, or one mentioned throughout if Literature. :new: The registered tokota(s) must be linked in the description of your submission to collect points.
  • Plot/Narrative/Storyline: +1 - 30 SP
      Earned for creating an ongoing storyline between your Episode main entries and bonuses (i.e. continuing similar themes or a personal sub-plot through your entries).


There will be two classes of prizes for this event

Episode Prizes

Tier Scoring. Prizes for each Episode are the same, but vary by Tier as follows:

  • Tier 1:

    Tokotas with Tier Bonuses that equal 19 bonus points or less (No Alphas)
    • 1st Place: Tier I Starter Slot, 10,000 TT and 2 Faction Points
    • 2nd Place: Basic Deco Pack (Scars, Handpaints), 5,000 TT and 1 Faction Point
    • 3rd Place: Basic Tack Pack (Rod, Flashlight, Bow) and 3,500 TT

  • Tier 2:

    Tokotas with tack, traits, and/or companions that equal 20-39 bonus points
    • 1st Place: Tier II Starter Slot, 20,000 TT and 2 Faction Points
    • 2nd Place: Advanced Deco Pack (Handpaints, Small Item), 10,000 TT and 1 Faction Point
    • 3rd Place: Sturdy Tack Pack (Rod, Flashlight, Bow, Flint Arrows) and 5,000 TT

  • Tier 3:

    Tokotas with tack, traits, and/or companions that equal 40 bonus points or more.
    • 1st Place: [Special Event Companion of their choosing (Hare, Chicken, Swan, Stork, etc.) OR Tier III Starter Slot], 30,000 TT and 2 Faction Points
    • 2nd Place: Pro Deco Pack (Handpaints, Small Item, Large Item), 20,000 TT and 1 Faction Point
    • 3rd Place: Crafted Tack Pack (Pole, Lantern, Bow, Golden Arrows) and 10,000 TT


Overall Event Prizes

Story Point Scoring. To qualify for the following three placements, you must have entered for at least 3 main Episode events, and participated in at least 3 bonus Quests.

    Grand Prize

  • :new: PoTL slot to Fenrir
  • 5 Faction Points
  • 25,000 TT

    2nd Place

    3rd Place


Additional Awards


  • Tokotas entered will have a chance to earn the following badge on their Award Wall.
  • To qualify, the Tokota must be used consistently throughout the entirety of your participation in the event (every Episode event and side quests you enter, even if you do not enter them all.)
  • Your Tokota does not have to be registered to earn this badge!
  • Claim the award for your tokota(s) by creating a "Badge Request" section in your Event Tracker. Listing whichever tokota(s) have been included in all of your main event and side quest entries, and judges will verify that they have indeed been included throughout.

Plot Participation by TokoTime


    "Best Of" Awards

  • Each award category will have 3 entries picked from the main event based on effort put into the following categories. Once each category has been picked, the members will vote for their favorites! Only one person can win each award; only one award per person.
  • To qualify, you must have entered for at least 2 main Episode events, and participated in at least 3 bonus Quests (any combination of Side/Collection Quests).

    The Underdog

    Earned by using an underdog character that manages to pull through and become the hero of your story, even when no one else was rooting for them!
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

    The Antagonist

    Earned by involving a strong antagonist in your plot, be it a rival, a handler, or even your main tokota!
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

    The Michelangelo

    Earned by creating consistently stunning visual artwork.
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

    The Pulitzer

    Earned by creating consistently gripping literature pieces.
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

    The Mover

    Your plot is a roller coaster and you've taken us for a ride! Earned by creating an emotionally moving plot. (The emotion(s) can be anything, including but not limited to elation, fear, sadness, etc.)
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

    The Chief's MVP

    Earned by supporting Chief Thunderfeather at every turn! You must be registered to her team to qualify.
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

    The Professor's MVP

    Earned by supporting Professor Mitchell at every turn! You must be registered to his team to qualify.
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

    The Nonpartisan

    Earned by supporting both or neither teams equally. You just couldn't decide, but that doesn't mean you held back! You must be unregistered or have registered as Neutral to qualify.
    • :new: Restricted Prize
    • 1 Faction Point
    • 5,000 TT

:new: For a full list of available prizes to all participants, click here!

Is ___ prompt still open?

Unless the event is over, YES, every prompt from every part of the event will remain open. Nothing is closing!

Do we have to enter the Episodes in order?

To qualify for more Story Points, the narrative you create (if you choose to do so) should be in chronological order from the Prologue through the Episodes to the Epilogue. You do not have to create/upload/submit your entries (including registration,) in the same order they are released because you will add all entries to your Event Tracker Journal in order at the end of the event for judging.

However, there are some rewards outside of event scoring for Just-In-Time activities like Collection Quests if you choose a Team! You may want to plan accordingly.

Would points be deducted for including a non-registered Tokota for story purposes along with my registered one?

NO! The more the merrier, if it fits your storyline! We are only allowing 1 registered toko/one per episodic event/quest (that will be rolled/judged), but you can (and are encouraged to) include whichever and however many of your other Tokotas as you would like.

Is the participation badge only awarded to registered Tokotas?

Any tokota you own that makes a consistent appearance may earn the participation badge, even if they are not the tokota you registered.

Will I be penalized for using a tokota with birth defects or disabilities?

While a portion of this event is judged as a show, it is narratively non-regulated which means any tokota may participate to the best of their abilities! Short answer: no, not at all.

Will entries for this event earn a HP bonus of any kind?

Main Event entries will be eligible for the show/event bonus (+1HP). Side Quest entries will be able to claim the activities bonus (+2/3HP) but only if they are rolled as activities (e.g. explores). Collection Quest entries will not be eligible for a show/event bonus or the activity bonus, nor can they be rolled as activities outside of the event.

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kagetora4ever's avatar
I forgot to do a "badge request" comment on my tracker D:
Can I still do that or is it too late?
TokoEvents's avatar
You can still add it :)
Seelenlicht's avatar
So, I'm just looking over my tracker and found another question. In the forms for the main entry - do I only iclude the side- and collectionquests for my team (Thudnerfeather)?
Or do I include the ones for Team Mitchell, too? In my Tracker I have of course written every quests I have done.

Until now the forms look like this and only feature the Quests for my team:
E1 Tier Bonuses: 
E1 Side Quest Bonus(es): 
+5 for the Prologue Side Quest - [SE2017] - Prolouge - The Journey begins
+5 for your Team's 'Aftermath' Side Quest - [SE2017] - EP01 - New Beginning
E1 Collection Quest Bonus: 
+5 for one of your Team's Collection Quest prompts - [SE2017] - EP01-CQ01

+10 for correct background in your Main Event entry (Episode 1: The Tartok Mountains, TCA Tartok Outpost, Avalanche [during or after])
+5 for being registered to a Team.
+10 for including one Registered Tokota in your Episodic main event entry - tagging Lachtaube for Heifer / (also tagging Evil-BunBun for including Frodo)
+10 for entering the Tokota that you registered


And another question, can I include a registered Toko in already rolled Collectionquests - not to be rolled of course, just for the bonus points. I just realised, that those give a bonus with registered Tokotas, too.
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For your main entry forms, you only need to include bonuses that reflect work done for your team because your alignment/registration affects Episode/Tier scoring (but not Story Point scoring.) The way you've listed it now is correct! :D

And sure, you can go back and edit your entries to include registered tokotas ^^
Seelenlicht's avatar
Thanks for clarifying :D. Just one more picture to fix and I can finally submit my tracker xX.
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Just curious as to why none of the entries of prehistoric huntings for both prey animals has not been rolled in 2 weeks+ ?
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The event team has taken a bit of a break to get things ready for the next event. We appreciate your patience!
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Are you supposed to log all points? Including Story points?? It's confusing and more hard because I'm nuetral and I haven't seen any other nuetral tracker to help me with this...
Lachtaube's avatar
You do not need to log any points; you can read more about how scoring works and how to format your Summer Event Tracker here: Event Tracker Submissions - [OPEN]
SparkyShinobi's avatar
Never mind. I found the answer, disregard.
GwendolynSavetts's avatar
Are we allowed to change our allignment? Like if someone was on a team and wished to become unalligned?
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No, I'm afraid registration cannot be changed.
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Aww that sucks :/
Im drawing all the side quests and cqs for both teams, but realized I can't try for the The Nonpartisan award since I was registered with a team, 
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Maybe I'm overthinking (or not reading things thoroughly enough, sorry tired brain eue;; ) this but for this story point bonus;

Including Registered Tokotas: +5 SP per entry
>Earned for every piece featuring a full body (80% visible) Registered Tokota not belonging to yourself, or one mentioned throughout if Literature.

Where it says 'every piece', does this mean for just main event entries, or does this 'stack' to include side quests and collection quests? Should I be including registered tokotas in all my quests for the extra story points? If so, is there a cap on this? x3

Similarly, does the Side Quest story point bonus stack if you do one entry for each team (so, both prompts)? So far I've been sticking to helping out my own team here (go team Mitchell woot woot!) but I will begrudgingly explore helping out the other team, if I have to -shifty eyes-
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It does include side quests and collection quests, but the bonus only goes as far as story points are able to be earned from those things. For example, Collection Quests are capped; you cannot earn indefinite +registered toko bonuses from more collection quests than will be counted. +registered toko bonus will be capped once per prompt, regardless of team alliance.
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Ok awesome, thank you for your reply!

So just to make sure I have this right,

Since you can only earn story points once per CQ prompt, per leader, I could include a registered tokota in 2 CQs for a say, 'Forensics', (one for thunderfeather, one for mitchell), and any CQs I do for 'Forensics' after those first two (to help the teams find more goodies) will not count for further story points for either registered tokota or CQ bonus?

If so, that's a huge relief xD
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-peaks in-
Ehm question about tack and way of moving around, like the prologue, my tokos are a part of a tribe with some of my stryx and more often the tokis ride on the back of the bigger stryx togehter with the riders. And since I'm gonna use 2 tokis for the event this is the way they would travel, anything I could do so the parts with sled/saddle on the tokos would not be needed or would I have to go against my tokos cannon to join in the event?
Lachtaube's avatar
The tack is required, regardless of the circumstances unfortunately! Luckily you don't need both so you can get a little creative, whether your stryx is dragging/hauling a sled or your toki is still wearing a saddle while riding your stryx -- maybe they're just extra prepared for when their feet touch the ground ;D
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Slight question, do we have to use the journal, or can we use the Registration file folder thingy as our tracker? 
Lachtaube's avatar
As long as it is organized sequentially to follow the timeline of the event and admin are able to comment on it, you may create your Tracker however you please :)
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Awesome sauce! Thank you for the quick reply! 
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One more question! It says all entries must be done in color, hoWEVER; if I go comicwise about one of the main events, could the cover be fully rendered (with color) while the comic frames are basically black&white? Ain't sure how long the event will last so I'm just asking in advance.
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