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Caution  Spirit Rally will close on March 31st! Caution 

Be sure to get your entries in before then!

Rah, Rah!

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Are you ready to get into the team spirit? 

Show support for your spirit guide and compete for amazing prizes in the Spirit Rally! All you have to do is take your spirit guide with you while you go about your daily activities around Tokotas. Showing your team spirit will attract Common Spirits to your tokotas. The more you gather, the more spirit energy your guide will get!

The Rally is not all about competition though - you will work together as a collective to unlock new group features.


Last Update: 04/03

1st | Sivoganik

Sivoganik by TotemSpirit

Spirit Energy: 890

2nd | Borga

Borga by TotemSpirit

Spirit Energy: 822

3rd | Nagruk

Nagruk by TotemSpirit

Spirit Energy: 786

4th | Aippaq

Aippaq by TotemSpirit

Spirit Energy: 710

5th | Aga

Aga by TotemSpirit

Spirit Energy: 542

6th | Sikrinerk

Sikrinerk by TotemSpirit

Spirit Energy: 462

7th | Meelanik

Meelanik by TotemSpirit

Spirit Energy: 450

How To Find Common Spirits

  • You can attract common spirits by depicting your tokotas alongside one of the greater spirits (see above!) in your everyday activities around the group.
  • Art or literature that meets the requirements for any of the following areas is eligible:
    • Weekly Quests
    • Activities
    • Rites of Fertility
    • Rites of Dominance
    • Passage of The Alpha
    • Bonding
    • Breeding
    • Continuous Events
    • Challenge Events (Found in random events)
    • PvP/TvT
    • Taming
    • LoRE Side Quests
  • Support your spirit guide or help out a different team, it's up to you! But a word of caution - while you can support any spirit, team prizes will be awarded to participants based on their registered spirit guide. (If your spirit guide is Borga, you will get the prizes his team wins, regardless of who you support in the Rally!)
  • Each image or literature piece submitted will be rolled for a random number of Light or Dark common spirits, depending on which greater spirit you depict.
    • Similar to factions, team scores will be weighted based on the number of registered participants in the event 
    • This means that the spirit energy you gather is proportional to your team size, so a team with fewer participants can still compete with a bigger team.
    • For a full breakdown of scoring and how the weighted scores are calculated, see [THIS SPREADSHEET]
  • Submit your entries to the Spirit Rally folder in Events-Of-Tokotna to show your team spirit!

minnehaha's road trip: sikrinerk by DaffoDille  [Spring Planting] - Happy Earth Day by Lachtaube  [T] Tokoween: In the dark of the night! by DoctorLinnec  Chasing Spirits by Attemiff

Rules for Entries

  • You must be registered to the event to participate
  • Art must have been created on or after the event opening date (Sept. 1, 2019). Older art depicting the spirits will not count!
  • You do not have to include your registered tokota in your entries, you may include any tokota.
  • You must include the spirit in full body (50% or greater showing) in the form they appear in on their imports (alternate forms will NOT be accepted) for art. The spirit must be mentioned by name and play a significant role in your story for literature.
  • You may only support ONE spirit per individual entry!
  • There is a maximum of 10 submissions per month, per person, per spirit. 
    • For example, you can support Sikrinerk with 10 submissions AND Meelanik with 10 submissions in the same month. However, you cannot support the same spirit more than 10 times in the same month!
  • Entries can be your own original work, collaborated, or commissioned. For collaborations and commissions, only one person should submit the entries to the group, and whoever submits the piece will count it as part of their monthly limit.

Team Prizes

  • At the end of the event, the spirits will be ranked from 1st-7th based on how many points they have
  • Everyone who participates in the spirit rally will receive a prize according to the place their spirit guide's team wins.

Sikrinerk's Stone by TokoTime

1st Place

1 x Team Sprite
1 x Elemental Heart
1 x Stone (Choice of Borga's Stone or Sikrinerk's Stone)
15 x Trait Tokens
20 x HP Tokens
30,000 TT

Elemental Heart by TokoTime

2nd Place

1 x Team Sprite
1 x Elemental Heart
10 x Trait Tokens
15 x HP Tokens
25,000 TT
Trait Token by TokoTime

3rd Place

1 x Team Sprite
1 x Soul Pool Water
5 x Trait Tokens
10 x HP Tokens
20,000 TT
Soul Pool Water by TokoTime

4th Place

1 x Team Sprite
1 x Soul Pool Water
10 x HP Tokens
15,000 TT
HP Token by TokoTime

5th Place

1 x Team Sprite
1 x Soul Pool Water
5 x HP Tokens
10,000 TT

CollectionQuestIcon by TokoEvents
6th Place

1 x Team Sprite
5 x HP Tokens
5,000 TT

CollectionQuestIcon by TokoEvents
7th Place

1 x Team Sprite
5,000 TT

Group Unlocks

Grand Totals!

Light Spirits Found: 1691
Dark Spirits Found: 1455

If we work together as a group, we can unlock cool new group features! This means we'll have to find both light and dark spirits to contribute to the collective!

Unlock #1 - Sivoganik Sprite

25/25 Light Spirits Found
25/25 Dark Spirits Found

Sivoganik's team gathered the most energy for this unlock, so the frightful spirit has revealed to us a new sprite! They say not to go alone or Sivoganik will find you... but what if you go with only Sivoganik by your side?

Unlock #2 - Nagruk Sprite

100/100 Light Spirits Found
100/100 Dark Spirits Found

Sivoganik has not yet been overthrown, but Nagruk's followers have put in such a spirited attempt to beat him that Nagruk has revealed to us a new sprite. Nagruk is proud of his followers, and his sprite will allow them to reward their most accomplished children too!

Unlock #3 - Talisman Applications & Meelanik Sprite

150/150 Light Spirits Found
150/150 Dark Spirits Found

Nagruk's herd manged to overthrow Sivoganik! (for now)
The antlered spirit has decided to bestow upon us some new decorative talismans. Nagruk is so kind and generous that he has done this for all the spirits, not just himself.

However, a jealous Meelanik has now devoured himself into 2nd place. He has revealed to us a new sprite. Unsurprisingly, this sprite offers great reward, but comes with great sacrifice.

Unlock #4 - Aga Sprite & Aippaq Sprite

200/200 Light Spirits Found
200/200 Dark Spirits Found

Borga fought his hardest but Aga still managed to surpass him! I guess we'll have 6 more weeks of summer. She has also rewarded us with a brand new sprite, which will grant increased fertility to the offspring of her followers.

Aippaq's Team also experienced an ENORMOUS increase in power this round, rising from 7th and stealing 1st for the time being. As a reward for the tenacity of his followers, Aippaq has revealed a new form for his sprite. The sprite holds the same power, but exhibits a very shiny new look.

Unlock #5 - Borga Sprite

250/250 Light Spirits Found
250/250 Dark Spirits Found

Borga is incredibly pleased that his followers managed to use their brute strength to smash their way into first! As a reward, he has gifted us with his sprite, a strong and hardy companion that will give you the edge in all your toughest PvP battles.

Unlock #6 - Tribe Lore Figures

400/400 Light Spirits Found
400/400 Dark Spirits Found

The spirits are impressed with you and all the creative stories and characters that you've brought to LoRE! As a reward, they are rewarding you with the ability to create spirits of your own and add them to official tokotas lore.

Tribes can now create their own Tribe Lore Figures and have them uploaded to totemspirit as an official spirit. These lore figures will confer the lore bonus (+2HP) to any tokotas that belong to that tribe.

Unlock #7 - Maiksuk Meadow

600/600 Light Spirits Found
600/600 Dark Spirits Found

The spirits are in awe at how fast everyone is exploring every corner of Tokotna! As a rewward, they have given us a background of a new place, Maiksuk Meadow. This background is unlockable with a Sikrinerk's stone.

Speaking of Sikrinerk's Stones, the Spirit Rally's full list of prizes have now been revealed! (See above)

Unlock #8 - Wilds

700/700 Light Spirits Found
700/700 Dark Spirits Found

A wild tokota appears! Two wild tokotas, actually! One appears to be influenced by dark spirits, and the other, by light spirits. 

I wonder if you can convince them to join you on your journey?

Unlock #9 - Borga's Stone

800/800 Light Spirits Found
800/800 Dark Spirits Found

To counter Sikrinerk's power, Borga has provided us with a stone that will allow the akotas among us to have new backgrounds! The stones are now available as a prize choice! There is only one new background available at the moment but there will very likely be more in the future.

Unlock #10 - PvP Companions

900/900 Light Spirits Found
900/900 Dark Spirits Found

It's been quite a fight so far! These cute new critters should be able to help us keep fighting the good fight. Say hello to Chipmunks and Foxes!

Unlock #11 - Borga's Tack

1000/1000 Light Spirits Found
1000/1000 Dark Spirits Found

In his fight it secure 1st place, Borga has awarded us with some icy tack that will make us more powerful in PvP battles. You can check out the whole set of 4 on the tokopedia!

Unlock #12 - Lion Tail

1100/1100 Light Spirits Found
1100/1100 Dark Spirits Found

We've fought with the ferocity of lions, and so the spirits have gifted us with some new wilds sporting a brand new trait - Lion Tail!

Unlock #13 - Silky Mane

1297/1200 Light Spirits Found
1200/1200 Dark Spirits Found

We finally gathered enough spirits for Aippaq to give us our final reveal. A new kind of tokota sporting a very flowing, very silky mane has been spotted in the labyrinth. It won't be too long before they make their way out into the world for all to enjoy!

Can you tame one?

Frequently Asked Questions

New Do I have to keep these spirits / can I redeem them at the bank for anything?

No! Any common spirits you find are automatically contributed to the rally, and go to whichever greater spirit you depicted in your entry. They are not redeemable and you don't have to keep the comments.

New How do I find Dark or Light spirits?

Common light spirits will be drawn to Aippaq, Sikrinerk, Nagruk, and Aga.
Common dark spirits will be drawn to Meelanik, Sivoganik, and Borga.

If you'd like to find a certain type of spirit for the group total, choose the appropriate greater spirit for your entry.

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IoNekta's avatar
Registrations for this event are closed, aren’t they? Or can we still register and participate?
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Registrations for this event are closed, apologies
IoNekta's avatar
No problem, thanks!
VampireMessageNinja's avatar
As much as I like reading Melanik is in 4th place, I think you meant to write 7th? ^^
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't is me again^^ I wanted to know how tall/big the common spirits are, compared to a tokota (normal build)?
(...is definitely not in the process of knitting them all because they so cute <3)
NorthPaws's avatar
Sikrinerk's Sprite was released a few years ago so it wasn't a reveal in this rally, she's just now been joined by all the other spirits ;3
Weidenlied's avatar
Ahm, now that these are revealed, can we only use the one for the spirit our tokota with LoRe is allied with?
NorthPaws's avatar
Hi - are you referring to the talismans or the sprites?
Weidenlied's avatar
The sprites - sorry if I was being unclear^^
NorthPaws's avatar
Sprites are companions and can only be used if you have the item and equip it to a tokota. Currently only Aippaq and Sikrinerk sprites are obtainable (they were released in past events, and the Aippaq sprite is craftable).

As for the rest, how to obtain them will be revealed soon :eyes:
Weidenlied's avatar
Okay, thank you!
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If I do create more than 10 pieces in September, do those that were not logged in September count towards October or must the entries for October be created in October?
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You can only submit 10 pieces to the thread for a single spirit in September. When the art was compelted doesn't matter as long as its after the event opening day. If you do more than 10 for a single spirit, you can save them for next month - but please don't submit them to the thread in September or you will be warned for going over your monthly limit.
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I thank you so much North! :hug:
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Heya, just as a heads up you have to reply to the proper thread for your entry to be counted: www.deviantart.com/comments/1/… :heart:
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Gotcha! Sorry I thought I did c:
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- 1 entry per comment, please
- There is a monthly limit of 10 submissions per person
- You may only support 1 spirit per entry

Link to Entry
Spirit Depicted: (Aippaq, Sikrinerk, Meelanik, Nagruk, Sivoganik, Borga, or Aga)
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:bulletred: Rally closed! Stay tuned to see which spirit came out on top! :bulletred:
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Link to Entry:
Spirit Rally Explore by AerroAce
Spirit Depicted: Nagruk
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While on your adventure, you encountered some common spirits:

Gentle Common Light Spirit by TokoTime Kind Common Light Spirit by TokoTime Kind Common Light Spirit by TokoTime
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Link to Entry:  Guarded - Chapter Two - Side Quest One
Spirit Depicted: Sikrinerk
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