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After you have created your official Event Tracker and begun your journey, you will begin to receive posts like this, which may come from any of the official event accounts.

Example1 by TokoEvents

So what do you do next?

Arrows (➤) Denote a choice you can make. These choices are final. There is no guarantee that you will be able to go back once you decide, so be certain that this is what you want to do before you reply!

Stars (★) Will allow you to use your talisman to consult your spirit guide for their opinion on which pathway you should take. You may do this at any time the star appears, but you may only do this once per comment!

NOTE: If you ask your guide for advice, once you make your decision you should reply with your final choice to the comment with arrows, not to your spirit!

Rules for Replies

  • You MUST respond with a choice in your comment, or consult your spirit guide. You cannot ask additional questions or attempt to go back-and-forth with your decision.
  • There are two possible ways for you to craft your response:
    • Simply copy and paste the choice you decide to make. This is sufficient for you to continue on your adventure, but you may not receive a good RP Participation score.
      Example2 by TokoEvents
    • Respond creatively in a roleplay format explaining your choice. You are more likely to get a fun, personalized response to this (especially if asking your spirit guide for advice) and you will receive Story Points for consistent effort. You must still copy and paste your selection on a separate line, so your choice is clear to admins.
      Example3 by TokoEvents

  • Responses should be in character, or from a third person perspective. This is not the place to ask questions about the event or attempt to contact admins.
  • This goes without saying, but when talking to the spirits, choose your words carefully. They are powerful beings! If you please them, or anger them, your choices may not go as you intended…

Prompt Types

Official art or literature submissions do not need to be included in your replies, unless you receive a prompt. Prompts will be clearly labelled when you receive them. There are two types of prompts:
  • MAIN CHAPTER PROMPTS: These are the big ones - they are found at the end of each chapter. These entries will be your main entry for the current chapter, and will count for the bulk of your final score. Make your efforts count with these! You must reach and complete these prompts to proceed to the next chapter.
  • SIDE QUEST PROMPTS: These prompts are completely optional, and simply give you credit for expanding on your story. They will be graded for completion only - you will earn 5 extra story points per optional prompt you complete for up to 3 unique prompts per chapter. You cannot do the same prompt more than once for Story Points. You do not have to complete these to proceed, you may return and finish them later.

Please link all Side Quests and Main Chapters submissions in your event tracker for them to be counted!

Entry Requirements (Main Chapter Prompts & Side Quests)

  • Your registered tokota must be depicted in full body (50% or greater) in artwork, or play a major role in the story for literature.
  • Your entry must fit the scenario given in the prompt and any required characters or NPCs must be depicted with at least 25% of their body showing for art or be mentioned at least once for literature.
  • In Final Chapter prompts (and for the Spirit Guide bonus) at least one of the major spirits present (Aippaq, Sikrinerk, Meelanik, Nagruk, Sivoganik, Aga, and Borga), must be depicted in their original form from their import (alternate forms are not allowed). They must be depicted in full body (50% or greater) for art, or play a major role in the story for literature.
  • Art entries must be at least 300 x 300 px and include a semi-complex background.
  • Literature entries must be at least 600 words for Side Quests and at least 1200 words for Main Chapter prompts.
  • All side quest and main chapter entries must be original art or literature done by you, or done with collaborators. Commissions will not be accepted.

The Event Inventory

Your event inventory is where all the items you find during the event will be stored. Some things to note about event inventories:
  • You may encounter situations in the plot that will allow you to use an item, if you have the appropriate item. In these cases, you must use an item from your Event Inventory only. Items from your Tokotna bank are not applicable.
  • Items in the Event Inventory are NOT redeemable or bankable until you submit your journal for final judging. This is because some items are necessary to the plot, and others may be useful to you on your journey - you can't sell them just yet!
  • You may encounter some rewards that are not added to your Event Inventory, but are added directly to your Tokotna bank, because they have no relevance to the plot of the event. The comment will tell you if this is the case. Enjoy your reward!
  • Once the event is over you will have the chance to keep any remaining loot in your Event Inventory and have it added to your Tokotna bank.

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