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You've spent days walking with your spirit trapped in its lantern cage. Exhaustion finally drives you to sleep, certain that you still have a long way to go. Your body feels heavy as you lay down and sleep takes a hold on you quickly...

A strange dream...

You find yourself back in Iluq, darker than you have ever known it to be, the moon hidden by clouds, though you can just about detect a mist about your ankles. 

Meelaheadshot by TokoEvents
A voice speaks to you out of the darkness. It's deep and full of malice; "Well now, my fated morsel, seems you have something for me," a flickering light appears between the trees. At first it looks like fire, then it walks closer to you and Meelanik stands before you. "I can take that poor, tasty... I mean, lonely little spirit from you. As a reward I shall reward you with many a fine trinket, the likes of which are scarce in Tokotna. You will become more powerful for choosing to aid me in my quest."

Meelanik's Gift by TokoTime

You have been offered a gift...

Return the Lonely Spirit to Meelanik and you will receive Meelanik's Gift, which contains all of the following:

1 x Elemental Heart
1 x Deck of Cards
10 x Trait Tokens
1 x Sivoganik's Charm
1 x Black Walrus Pelt
1 x Black Mammoth Pelt
1 x Black Badger Pelt 

SikrinerkHeadshot by NorthPaws
Meelanik has barely finished speaking when a soft, purple light fills the area surrounding both you and the dark spirit. "Ho there, young one! What a delight to see you here! Do not listen to this oversized toaster. There is nothing good to come of siding with him, you know this, deep down, to be true. The spirit will be much happier with me, and I shall gift you things that will help you on your future journeys throughout Tokotna."

Sikrinerk's Gift by TokoTime

You have been offered a gift...

Return the Lonely Spirit to Sikrinerk and you will receive Sikrinerk's Gift, which contains the following:

1 x Elemental Heart
1 x Deck of Cards
10 x Trait Tokens
1 x Sikrinerk's Stone
1 x Ruby
1 x Amethyst
1 x Sapphire

"My children!" A voice fills every fiber of your being. It is not evil, but it is full of power. There is only one that it can belong to. Aippaq. The spirit of life and death appears before you, causing the other two spirits to back away respectfully. "Please, do not argue."

The forest and the spirits fade away and you find yourself enveloped in darkness, an endless void dusted with faint stars all around you. Aippaq's voice still finds it's way to you, sounding from everywhere and nowhere at once.

Aippyflat2 by noebelle
"You have a difficult choice ahead of you, little one. Both Sikrinerk and Meelanik have offered you great reward, but it comes at a price. You know that there is no peace for a soul trapped in Meelanik's belly. He has strayed so far from my light. But while Sikrinerk, with good intent, wishes to herd the spirit to the Ridge of Elders, she is far too hasty. Not all spirits are ready to move on," AIppaq sighs.

"I have no great reward to offer you, my child, but if you bring the spirit to me, I promise that you will find happiness and peace in the knowledge that the creature is in good hands."

You have been offered a gift...

Return the Lonely Spirit to Aippaq and you will receive no items. Aippaq has offered you only peace of mind and the promise that the spirit will be in good hands.

Lonely Spirit by TokoTime

Aippaq leaves you with a few final words before you wake, "You must journey to Aippaq's Shrine. Meelanik and Sikrinerk will be waiting there for you, and so will I. The choice is yours in the end."

>> Proceed to Chapter 3 <<

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Edit: Nevermind. I finally managed to find it on tokotna.
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Where do we post this in our LoRE trackers? Do we need to add an interlude section or does it go under Chapter 2?
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This is just an informational journal, a pause between chapter 2 and 3. You will need to wait until chapter 3 is released to progress with the story.
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Ok, still confused but thank you anyways. :)
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If you're still confused I'm happy to answer any further questions you have ^^
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It’s ok. I think I might understand more once I finish chapter 2. I just was confused about where the interlude would fit into the tracker but I guess it’s not really asking us to make an image or anything? I may just be overthinking.
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Yes, things will definitely make more sense once you finish chapter 2. The interlude doesn't need to go on your journal and there is no art required - it just explains what happens at the end of chapter 2 in more detail, and gives you some information that you will need to consider carefully in the future.
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Ah, great, thanks so much! :)
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