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Prompts & Event Requirements

Is ___ prompt still open?

:new: No trackers will be accepted after SEPTEMBER 30, 2020! This is the final cut off date for the evemt!

Are handlers required?

No! Handlers are welcome, but are not required.

The plot assumes that your tokota has a human-like level of intelligence and the agency to make their own decisions (similar to the animals in movies and stories such as the Lion King, Warriors, Balto, etc.). If this doesn't suit your personal story, you might actually prefer to interact with the story from the perspective of a handler. The story is written from the perspective of a tokota, but you are welcome interpret it from the perspective of your handler instead, as long as your registered tokota plays an important role in your story.

What is the minimum level of participation required by this event?

In order to receive story points, you must complete at least 1 side quest or main chapter prompt.

Besides that, you are free to participate as much or as little as you want in the event. We recommend that you play through each chapter in your comment string to fully appreciate the event - you must reach the end of each chapter and complete an entry for your main chapter prompt to move on to the next one and receive more prompts.

Do we have to do the prompts in order?

You do not need to complete side quests in order (or at all). You may complete them at any time, and may return to submit any side quest later even if you continue of you way through the chapter.

However, main chapter prompts do need to be completed in order. You MUST reach the end of a chapter to proceed to the next one! You'll know when you've reached the end because you'll receive a Main Chapter Prompt. You need to complete this prompt to move on to the next chapter.

How closely do I have to follow the prompts?

There is a lot of wiggle room for creativity in this event - you don't have to follow the prompts exactly. If a prompt requests that a specific character, item, or background be included, you must put the required elements somewhere in your entry (ex. If you encounter a spirit by a pond, you must depict some kind of spirit, and a pond). Beyond that, you are welcome to take full artistic liberties with plot points, time period, and what the tokotas universe looks like to you!

Can I collaborate with another user on prompts?

Yes and no. You may collaborate with another user only if you happen upon an identical prompt. If you want to bring a friend with you for the whole journey, it would be wise of you to stick together on the same path, including following the same spirit guide, as you cannot collaborate a single piece for two different prompts.

If you end up ‘losing’ your collab partner along the way by taking a different path, there is a chance that you may meet up again at the same prompt later. If that doesn’t happen, you will be able to reunite with your collab partner at the beginning of the next chapter, as everyone begins each chapter at the same place.

There are no scoring bonuses associated with collaboration.

Would points be deducted for including a non-registered Tokota for story purposes along with my registered one?

NO! The more the merrier, if it fits your storyline! We are only allowing 1 registered toko per prompt, but you can include as many additional Tokotas as you would like.

Will I be penalized for using a tokota with birth defects or disabilities?

No, there are no show-type bonuses in this event, so defects or disabilities will have no effect on scoring.

Can my tokota be injured in this event?

No! There are no official injuries in this event. You may, however, encounter trouble or scary situations. You are welcome to roleplay your tokota as injured if this happens, but there will be no in-game penalties associated with this choice.

Will entries for this event earn a HP bonus of any kind?

Main chapter entries will be eligible for the show/event bonus (+2HP).
Side Quests will not be eligible for the show bonus, but will be able to claim the activities bonus (+2/3HP) if they are rolled as activities (ex., explores).
Spirit Rally entries will be eligible for any bonuses associated with the area of the group you submit them to.

Can I use my roleplay/comment replies as HP?

Sure, with a few stipulations. You should take your replies and compile them into a dA literature submission(s), as HU does not normally count comments as HP. You can only include the parts you wrote, not something TokoEvents or any of the other spirits wrote.

Can my entries also be rolled as activities?

Side Quests an Spirit Rally entries can be submitted as an activity, provided they meet the requirements for that activity.
Main Chapter Prompt entries CANNOT be used as activities or rolled elsewhere in the group.

Which spirit should I follow / which path should I choose?

There is no right or wrong path to take in this event! All paths will lead to interesting scenarios. You will usually receive some kind of hint as to what lies ahead, but sometimes things may take you by surprise. We recommend you don't stress about what lies behind you, stay facing forward! Try to put yourself in your tokota's paws - what would they realistically do in the situation they've encountered? Your adventure will probably be more enjoyable if you make realistic choices for your character/story.

You can ask you spirit guide for advice whenever the option is available. Your spirit will try to lead you on the path that best suits their needs, not necessarily yours, so keep in mind who you're working with and take their advice with caution!

I want to do at least 3 side quests in each chapter, what happens if I don't find 3 of them?

Don't worry! It's impossible for you to encounter less than 3 Side Quests before you reach the end of the chapter. It's possible that you will encounter more than 3 side quests. If this happens you can pick and choose which prompts you'd like to complete, but keep in mind that only 3 of them will be counted for story points.

Can I do more than 3 side quests in each chapter?

Yes! You can do as many side quests as you like.
You will only receive story points for the first 3 Side Quests you complete per chapter. However, additional entries may contribute to your effort score.

Do I reply to TokoEvents when I'm finished my Side Quest?

This is not required, but you may do this. You won't get a response on the art but we will get it logged for participation.

DO make sure you link all your Side Quests in you event tracker! Once you submit it for final judging, everything will be double checked based on what you have logged in your journal.

What is the Event Inventory? Can I redeem things in my inventory?

The event inventory is where all the items you find during the event will be stored. They are NOT redeemable or bankable until the event is over. This is because you may actually need these items while on your journey! Once the event is over you will have the chance to keep any remaining loot and have it added to your Tokotna bank.

Spirit Rally

Do I have to keep these spirits / can I redeem them at the bank for anything?

No! Any common spirits you find are automatically contributed to the rally, and go to whichever greater spirit you depicted in your entry. They are not redeemable and you don't have to keep the comments.

How do I find Dark or Light spirits?

Common light spirits will be drawn to Aippaq, Sikrinerk, Nagruk, and Aga.
Common dark spirits will be drawn to Meelanik, Sivoganik, and Borga.

If you'd like to find a certain type of spirit for the group total, choose the appropriate greater spirit for your entry.

Common Event Abbreviations

  • LoRE - Legend of Rebirth Event
  • SP - Story Points
  • SQ - Side Quest

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Lemonegrass's avatar

Howdy ! It says endtime is may 15th 11.59 PST. Im unsure whether this is midday or midnight. Could someone get back to me pls ?

NorthPaws's avatar
Midnight! There is now a countdown timer on Events-Of-Tokotna for clarity
Lemonegrass's avatar

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that counter ! :heart:

Rainflightt's avatar
Hello! I was just struck with a small snippet of an idea, and wanted to run it past to see if it would work or not. But I also don’t wish to spoil it for other players (the story that is) It’s just a small design thing, but should I note the group with it?
NorthPaws's avatar
You can try noting the main group (Tokotas), as none of our LoRE admins are equipped to answer questions about designs. You would need a DC admin :)
SparkyShinobi's avatar
Hello, I have a question about the final prize - the one that may change based on your final score. I'm going to be vague, because I don't want to accidentally spoil anything - but I think that's clear enough.

When will we find out which tier of prize we have over all? Will that be in May after the scores are released publicly?
NorthPaws's avatar
It's based on the final score of your event tracker, so you will find out when your tracker is fully judgedm which will be after People's Choice awards have been determined.
We don't want our judging/scores to influence the voting in any way, so we won't be releasing any scores until after voting closes.
SparkyShinobi's avatar
Cool, thanks! I figured it would be something along those lines. :) I’m so excited to see how everything turns out.
LoneAnubis's avatar
I'm not sure where else to ask, I've completed chapter 3 and got the main story prompt and the sikrinerk bag is mentioned in the last reply, it was said it was added to my event inventory but it was never added. Should I wait a bit longer or was it missed? ; v ;

NorthPaws's avatar
Fixed for you!
LoneAnubis's avatar
humanservantyume's avatar
Soooooo I've scoured all the journals, but I couldn't find anything that said if you collabed a piece and the other collaborator posted it to Spirit Rally that you would also gain the spirits found in that submission. The Spirit Rally Journal only says it counts against their 10 a month per spirit limit, but nothing about the spirits received per piece. Does this mean I'm unable to receive those spirits as well or do we share the joy of the spirits?

I checked the related journals to see if anyone else has asked about this before after scouring the journals themselves, but it doesn't look like anyone else asked. Also my collaborator for Chapter One decided to drop out of the event, which is another reason I thought to ask, since it seems like the spirits would not be used for why we're collecting them.

(This is another reason I thought I should post it here to get an answer since it's the FAQ so that others could avoid asking since an answer will show up in the comments and be searchable. Sorry if this was a bother ^^;)
NorthPaws's avatar
A deviation can only be used once for the rally, so either you or your collab partner could submit it - not both.
humanservantyume's avatar
Just making sure, (cause I would not be surprised if what I was asking got buried in that speal) so who submits the deviation to the rally is who gets the spirits from the collabed submission?
NorthPaws's avatar
humanservantyume's avatar
Understood! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this. I know you're all busy so I really appreciate it ^^
NorthPaws's avatar
You're very welcome <3
kagetora4ever's avatar
I re-read these, and I think I might have messed up on one of them :fear:
I finished a Main Chapter Prompt and while I wasn't sure, I'd seen others being rolled as activities, or at least have the form, so I put it in for an activity roll. Totally forgot about some of the things in this journal.
Does this have any impact on my scoring? If needed I can ask to have the rolls removed, that's not a problem. Just at a bit of a loss as what I should do ^^;
Scribbles-Archive's avatar
Main chapter prompts cannot be rolled as activities, only side quests can, so you will need to remove it :D
kagetora4ever's avatar
Will do <3
I'll send a note to the group so I can have the redeemed items removed as well ^^
Blvd-of-BrokenDreams's avatar
I was reading the prompt requirements and it says that I can go back and do the side prompts later. When I do that all I have to do is write/draw it and then link it in my tracker?
QueenHalloween's avatar
Hi! I'm new to Tokotas and would love to join this event, it looks so fun, but due to the main group's closure I believe my adoption request/account activation won't be processed in time to register for LoRE and I read that using another person's tokota isn't allowed. Is it too early to confirm/deny that there will ever be another event like this in the future?
Scribbles-Archive's avatar
Unfortunately we cannot say either way if there will be another one or not as it took a great deal to pull it all together. That being said, if you don't mind missing out on the adoption geno, I have some uploaded pups currently selling here - tokotna.com/profile/tokotas/in… & I'd be more than willing to work something out with you so you can get started :heart:
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