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097 Desmoxic

Revamped for less goof and more fierce! Also now you can actually tell its a dragon.

097 | Desmoxic | Bug/Dragon
Poison Point/On Guard/Tough Claws*

On Guard: Lowers accuracy of moves by 20%, but boosts defenses and special defense by 50%.

Notable Moves Venoshock, Outrage, Thunderbolt, Poison Fang etc.
Basis Desmoxic is based on Desmoxytes Purpurosea, the Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede and is a pun on its name (if you haven't noticed I like pun dragons :D)
Etymology Desmoxytes + Toxic

Dex Entry Desmoxic produce hydrogen cyanide from their skin serving as an extra layer of defense on top of its thick armor. It's bright colour informs enemies of its toxicity.

This Pokemon does not evolve.

Desmoxic © EventHorizontal

Pokemon © Nintendo

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Hahahaha! Good one, I’m also a fan of a good pun. Thought some people think I’m PUN-ishing them!
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The puns giveth, and the puns taketh away.

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"less goof"
i cannot stop laughing at his tiny arms under the big ones 
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It was much goofier in his previous iteration.
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not my taste obviously, but I LOVE that hot fuchsia and the overall edge, it's pretty cool, I could see a lot of people wanting this guy!
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Appreciate the interest :>
What inspired the big ole arms?
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idk I was testing things out and in an effort to make it seem nore draconic I did that and I really liked the look of it.
can you PLEASE make at least one pre evolution for it? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a bug/dragon fakemon that looks amazing (like yours) AND evolves at least once. pretty please can you be the one :prettyplease: - NaNoEmo 5/30 
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are you going to steal it?
what? no ofc not. i promise. dragon types are my favorite and it bothers me that there arent any bug/dragon pokmon and there arent many good bug/dragon fakemon
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I was half kidding, because from my perspective that request seemed too specific, as though you wanted a specific set of pokemon for a fan game, hypothetically.

You are right, however this Fakedex is completely full with 150 Fakemon and I have no intention of rearranging it at this point as i will be leaving the fakemon design scene soon.
no no i completely understand your concerns. 
AND NOOOOO:crying: rvmp  you will be missed. you had amazing designs
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I will continue to work on my fakemon region with movesets, shinies, maps, gym leaders etc. so please don't be disheartened. But more creature designs will come in my own project Fantom World which I will be rebooting. Any fan of Pokemon will be able to enjoy that I think.
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I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of digging the new arms look ah la Dawn Wings Necrozma. It definitely gives it a more menacing appearance.
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Thanks, I think so too. Took me a few designs but I got it down (including ones I scrapped before posting them).
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Really love the new and bold colors!

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Y'know I'm kind of surprised you didn't just update the old one.
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Sometimes I feel like the comments wouldn't make sense with the new artwork. Better to just reset the deviation imo.
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