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My name is Briannia - also known as LPAki. I'm a published co-author who has written and proofread for the popular children's books The Merdragon and The Merdragon: Secrets, endorsed by Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. I am a peer consultant at Clayton State University's Writers Studio who has been proofreading and providing suggestions for dozens of students' essays since 2018. I have an associate's degree in Liberal Arts, and extensive knowledge in editing and proofreading.

I will provide proofreading and editing services that involve grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice for your work. I'm a creative writer who has worked with several different genres of literature and can adapt to any specific writing style you need.

I can work with fiction, nonfiction, blogs and webpages, screenplays, comics, articles, and more! I accept payment via PayPal and Cashapp! If you have any inquiries regarding my editing services feel free to contact me via my business email bdawkins112@gmail.com or my business number (470) 433-0103. I'm available for call any time between 2pm - 11pm Mondays, 6pm - 11pm Tuesdays through Saturdays, and 10am - 11pm on Sundays.

BASIC: 1-3 Pages: $10
STANDARD: 4-6 Pages: $20
7+ Pages: $35

[Art Challenge] The Cat Days of Summer,,,Are you a fan of Zodiacs? In some countries, it's already July 23, the beginning of Leo ♌️ (symbol of the Nemean lion, and fire) from the western Zodiac. And during 2022, or the Year of the Tiger 🐯, this period is twice the cat! Or you could call this "Liger Season". This only happens for one month for every 12 years, but the tiger's water element happens only 1 or 2 times in a lifetime.With that said, this is a good time to start the event, being a purr-fect meow-ment of opportunity.In this latest challenge, artists will be making feline-themed art, whether it's video game characters interacting with cats, domesticated or wild, or characters cosplaying as felines (ex: maids, cat ears, etc.). Now if you decide to draw something related to ligers in homage to the western and eastern Zodiacs, that is greatly appreciated! Here are the rules:When posting your deviation, please add this hashtag: #doublecatzodiacBe creative with any costume designs, as long the content is clean/SFW.Backgrounds are allowed!You can submit your entries to the respective folders for thenintendogirlsclub and Smash-New-Universe.Anyone can do more than one entry, with no need for reservations.Characters can be chosen by more than one artist.3rd-party or multiple characters are allowed.You don't need to be a member to participate.Crossovers are more than welcome.Only handmade drawings, please!No OCs, with the exception of official avatars like Miis, AC Villagers, Pokemon players, and Sportsmates.No graphic content. Respect the cat.Deadline is August 22. Have fun! I'm not kitten. Also, if you have any cat puns, let me know.